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Have You Been Visited By The Bookmark Fairy Yet?

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  Site Where: 58, La Croisette, Cannes, France, 06414
May 13, 2014 at 2:51 PM | by | ()

We've longed loved the little touches at old world luxury hotels, from a zen turndown service to a careful room service presentation. Now the InterContinental Carlton Cannes has brought to our attention a service we thought didn't even exist anymore. They are calling it The Bookmark Fairy.

If a hotel housekeeper notices book or a magazine left open without a bookmark or with a dog-eared page, they will slip one of the hotel's signature bookmarks inside where the guest left off reading.

A hotel rep tells us it's a little-known but "incredibly well-received perk." And as the hotel readies for the Cannes Film Festival which kicks off tomorrow, we're sure the Bookmark Fairy will be making the rounds.

Rates at the InterContinental Carlton Cannes start at around 285 Euros, after the festival is over of course.

[Photo: InterContinental Carlton Cannes]

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Hyatt Scoops Up 4 Iconic French Hotels, Brings Andaz To Paris

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  Site Where: France
February 4, 2013 at 1:41 PM | by | ()

Just as we were slowly rolling into the weekend last Friday, Hyatt dropped a little bomb on us with the news that no less than four iconic French hotels will be brought into the Hyatt family, doubling the group’s presence in the world’s most popular tourist destination.

The four hotels are film-festival favorite Hotel Martinez in Cannes, the Palais de la Mediterranée in Nice, and the Hotel du Louvre and Concorde La Fayette in Paris. Read on for more details on exactly what’s going to happen from April this year onwards (including Andaz à la française).

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Leonardo DiCaprio Rebounds with Blake Lively at the Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc

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  Site Where: Boulevard JF Kennedy, BP 29, Antibes Cedex, France, 06601
May 17, 2011 at 12:08 PM | by | ()

While a number of stars are hanging around Hotel Martinez for the Cannes Film Festival, it looks like Leonardo DiCaprio is at Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc in the Cap d'Antibes nursing his broken heart.

Luckily, Gossip Girl Blake Lively was there to help DiCaprio, who recently split with longtime model gf Bar Refaeli. The two were spotted walking the hotel's gorgeous grounds together, and they "looked like a couple," the New York Post reported.

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Where The Celebs Are at The Cannes Film Festival

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  Site Where: 73 La Croisette , Cannes, France, 06400
May 13, 2011 at 11:04 AM | by | ()

Celebs have been flooding Cannes, France, for the city's famous film festival. And the hotel that's seeing some of the most action from the 64th annual festival is Hotel Martinez.

There are a number of reasons that the stars stay at the 409-room luxe hotel during the festival. Two-Michelin-star La Palme d'Or is a favorite restaurant among celebrities, its many meeting rooms make it a good spot for parties, and the hotel gives ensures some seclusion, like its private beach. Here are some people who've been spotted there during the fest:

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Sorry, We Can't Muster Up Excitement Over Cannes This Year

Where: Cannes, France
May 13, 2010 at 9:10 AM | by | ()

Same old, same old.

Every year without fail Hollywood takes a working vacation to France for the Annual Cannes International Film Festival and every year, hotels in Cannes get besieged by the A-list stars, directors, producers, agents and inevitably some reality TV show stars.

And every year, we watch the festivities with no real emotion as it's the same old dog and pony show every year. Rinse, lather, pull out any Jon Gosselin-types and then repeat in 12 months. Plus, it's not like we can even afford a hotel room there. And if we did, it would probably have been sold out months ago. So unless something major happens this year, we're going to avoid reporting on the scene.

But if you insist on knowing what's going on right now, we'll pick out what we've found to be interesting hotel-wise so far.

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Back to Hollywood Basics at Palais Stephanie in Cannes

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  Site Where: 50 Boulevard de la Croisette, Cannes, France, 06414
October 9, 2009 at 9:28 AM | by | ()

If your hotel’s in Cannes, you have to spend a lot of moolah to keep up with the crowd. Which is why the Palais Stephanie has just shelled out €38 million renovating and reinventing itself – and now it’s ready for its close up.

The hotel sits on the fancy Croisette boulevard, on the original site of the Palais des Congres – AKA where the first Cannes film festivals took place.

Thanks to the refurb, it’s looking pretty sleek – modern design in the 261 rooms, lots of butter, greige and chocolate colours, “hand stitched leather accents” and glam black and white pictures of classic film stars. The room photos also shows that the hotel's into technology too with flat-screen TVs in each rooms and MacBook laptops popped open on the desks (We're assuming you provide the laptop.)

On the roof, meanwhile, is a swimming pool and Le Panorama bar serving organic snacks. There's also a casino onsite and of course, a 820-seat theater. Perfect for Festival time. Rates start next weekend at 230 Euros a night.

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Robert Pattinson Shacks Up at Hotel du Cap Eden Roc

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  Site Where: Blvd. J.F. Kennedy, Antibes, France, 06600
May 21, 2009 at 9:16 AM | by | ()

Remember when we saw a photo of Hotel du Cap Eden Roc in Antibes, France during the dead of winter where we were — a photo of a buff man cleaning the gorgeous pool, that is — and we couldn't help but utter a Liz Lemon-esque "we want to go to there" as soon as it came up on our screen?

Yes, well: we're certainly glad it didn't close (once upon a time, the place was in danger of being sold and made into a private spot and everyone was pretty worried for a while) because, if it had, we would have never gotten the chance to see Robert Pattinson staying there.

We're not Twilight freaks or anything, but really: if the way to sell cars to people is to put beautiful, bikini-clad models next to them, then the way to sell us on staying at a hotel is to put Robert Pattinson inside of it.

Okay, but really: Pattinson has been shacking up at the luxe hotel for the Cannes Film Festival, at which he's making the rounds to promote his two new movies, New Moon and Remember Me. And, um, over here, you can find a bunch of photos of him just standing near the water with wind blowing in his hair, if that's your thing.

Rates at the Hotel du Cap start at 640 Euros (about $880) and go up to around 5000 Euros ($6880) per night.

[Photo: Gossip Girls]

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Cannes Film Festival Opens, Hotel Du Cap Existence Still Thought to be Threatened

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May 17, 2007 at 9:35 AM | by | ()

The 60th annual Cannes Film Festival kicked off yesterday and Variety reports that the rumors of the Hotel Du Cap Eden Roc being turned into a private residence by next year are still rattling the Hollywood elite.

A few months back the NY Post reported that the hotel has been sold to Roman Abramovich who wanted to shut the hotel down and make it into a private spot. Even though a rep for the hotel emailed us at HotelChatter saying that rumors were not true, Variety says that Hollywood is still very concerned.

Fest vets were biting their lips on the Croisette Tuesday over the rumor that Abramovich plans to turn the landmark into a private residence....Certain hotels are important to for Cannes, but the du Cap is unique, the hotel of choice for many visiting VIPs, filmmakers and jury members, and has served as the site for exclusive parties and after-parties. Along with the Carlton and Majestic, the Hotel du Cap has become synonymous with the fest, and its closure would send folks scrambling for rooms, meeting places and party sites next year.

Again a rep for the hotel has denied a sale has taken place but we' ll see by next year won't we? We hope Sharon Stone can control herself 'til then.

Since we doubt you are looking to stay at a Cannes hotel this week, take a moment to peruse our French Riviera Hotel Reviews to give you some ideas for next year.

[Photo: Unsure Shot]

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Update: Hotel Du Cap Eden Roc Not for Sale

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  Site Where: Blvd. J.F. Kennedy, Antibes, France, 006601
April 24, 2007 at 1:45 PM | by | ()

Not for sale!

Yesterday, Cannes was abuzz with the news that by next year the popular The Hotel Du Cap Eden Roc would be turned into a private residence. However, the hotel's current owners say that's not so.

We got this email from Lou Hammond, who apparently represents the hotel's current owners saying,

The following statement relates to incorrect information on Page 6, New York Post on April 22 relating to the Hotel du Cap Eden Roc and as featured on your site.

Dr. h. c. August Oetker of the family owned Oetker-Group said today in respect to the rumors relating to the alleged sale of the Hotel du Cap Eden to Mr. Roman Abramovich:

"The Hotel du Cap Eden Roc is and remains an integral part of the Oetker-Group.  There are neither negotiations nor any intentions to sell this hotel."

So there you have it. The Eden Roc ain't going nowhere. Better start saving up your cash again.

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Hotel Du Cap Eden Roc To Close?

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  Site Where: Blvd. J.F. Kennedy, Antibes, France, 06601
April 23, 2007 at 1:01 PM | by | ()

The Hotel Du Cap Eden Roc is a storied Cannes Film Festival hotel, known for its cash only policy and room rates that start at close to $800 a night.

But all that might be coming to an end soon. Page Six reports:

"Word is that a Russian oligarch has bought the Hotel du Cap-Eden Roc [in nearby Cap D'Antibes] and that he is closing all or part of it to use as his private residence," one major power player said.

Fortunately for celebs rolling into Cannes next month for the festival, the hotel will be open. But by next year it might be a different story.

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French Riviera Style: Say Hi To The Hi Hotel

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  Site Where: 3 Avenue des Fleurs, Nice , France, 6000
April 5, 2007 at 9:00 AM | by | ()

The Cannes Film Festival is still a ways off (it starts on May 16) but a reader's recent tip about the French Riviera got us daydreaming about escaping to Cote d'Azure. This week we'll continue talking about some of the hotels worthy of checking into. As always, we wanna know what you think, not just what Uma, Rod Stewart, P.Diddy and Paris Hilton think, of the hotels here. So send us your thoughts and questions or comment below the story, telling us what's right, what's wrong and what's just French.

While a stay on the Cote d'Azur normally makes you think of luxury and elegance, you can always get something different by hitting the Hotel Hi in Nice. It's full of funky colors and weird shapes and has a 24-hour self service "restaurant" for guests who have to follow a few strange habits, like using the tea cup for a bowl. The 38 rooms follow nine different concepts, like a hot pink cyber-culture room and furniture that looks like computer screens.

Although a while ago we were worried that high concept would mean low service, recent guests all say the service is friendly and the staff are all flexible. And the high concept's proven popular too, like this guest thinks:

A really different in yer face hotel experience awaits but i have to say we really enjoyed our stay. The rooms are very eccentric,with no wardrobes and a bathroom separated by a few woven twigs, which took a bit of getting used to , me and my missus aren't shy but i wasn't that impressed with the toilet being so exposed.

Okay, so it ain't perfect, but it sure is different.

[Photo: JMoneyDark]

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French Riviera Style: Two Picks in Eze

Where: Eze, France
April 4, 2007 at 9:01 AM | by | ()

The Cannes Film Festival is still a ways off (it starts on May 16) but a reader's recent tip about the French Riviera got us daydreaming about escaping to Cote d'Azure. This week we'll continue talking about some of the hotels worthy of checking into. As always, we wanna know what you think, not just what Uma, Rod Stewart, P.Diddy and Paris Hilton think, of the hotels here. So send us your thoughts and questions or comment below the story, telling us what's right, what's wrong and what's just French.

The village of Eze might be small, but in the world of luxury hotels, big ain't necessarily beautiful. Eze sits on a rocky peak above Eze-sur-Mer, another village just a walk down a garden path below Eze itself, the two of them snuggled in between big guns Monaco and Nice. Obviously a stunning location, it's still a little surprising to find several luxury hotels in such a small village, but a HotelChatter reader's given us a rave about both Chateau de la Chevre d'Or and Cap Estel.

Cap Estel sits down below on its on peninsula, and it used to be the holiday home of a Russian prince. Now it's a deluxe hotel with 8 deluxe rooms and 12 self-contained suites, and it bills itself as one of the most prestigious venues on the Cote d'Azur.

Outside it has a heavenly infinity pool (although they call it a "seawater pool with overflow effect") and inside a fitness room overlooking the Mediterranean plus another pool. A major complaint of guests: it's hard to find it because it's so hidden and secluded; but once you get there, that becomes an advantage.

Head up the hill and the Chateau de la Chevre d'Or (meaning the Golden Goat!) provides rather impressive views in a building that used to be a medieval castle. A popular honeymooning spot, it also tries to attract "weekend breakers" and this summer's short break special includes 2 nights' accommodation, one lunch and one dinner plus breakfast each day and fitness club access, for 1476 Euro (almost $2000) per couple. But perhaps the secret sealing tip comes from our reader:

I believe the hotel car is a rare Rolls Royce Corniche (the 1 million dollar kind), of course particularly suited for driving along the Corniche that passes Eze (the car is always there, and ironically has the license plate 10000, I guess the other zeros to show the price tag didn't fit).

If the hotel can afford this Roller then you've got to expect a few niceties inside too.


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