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Book a Suite, Borrow a Snazzy Burberry Trench Coat at Claridge's

February 3, 2014 at 1:38 PM | by | ()

Luxury hotels can lift us up with their thoughtful amenity touches--plush bathrobes, slippers by the bedside, exotic scents and the like--but they also can bring our luxury high crashing back to earth with the prices they often charge to use or borrow other amenities. But at Claridge's in London, not only can you look stylish with the hotel's newest amenity offering, you won't have to pay a thing.

The hotel has introduced a Burberry Trench Program which places a Burberry trench coat in every closet of the suites for guests to borrow, free of charge, during their stay. Sizes can even be requested too. If you love it so much, you can buy it. Considering the chances of rain in London during your stay are very good, you'll definitely get some use out of the coat. But even if the sun is shining, we think you should still step out in at least once during your stay.

The Claridge's sister property, The Berkeley, has unveiled a new fashion amenity program as well--the The Fashion Trunk, filled with coveted pieces and rare finds from 50’s, 60’s and 70’s, including Chanel earrings, a Dior necklace and a Pierre Cardin Studio evening clutch. The items are free to borrow and are also available for purchase.

Suites at Claridge's start at £720.00 a night, inclusive of all taxes.

[Photo: Claridge's]