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Rosewood Teams Up With Nouvel and Starck for São Paulo Hotel

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  Site Where: Cidade Matarazzo, Sao Paulo, Brazil
July 24, 2015 at 9:05 AM | by | ()

Rosewood Hotels is serious when it comes to having 50 hotels by 2020: we heard about Montecito and Puebla, we know about Bangkok, Jakarta and Bali, then there is of course Paris, and possibly Amsterdam.

Today it is the addition of its first hotel for South America, where the group is picking Brazil as its entry point. Rosewood São Paulo will open in 2018 in Cidade Matarazzo, a landmark building from the early 20th century that was once a maternity hospital. Big names that will put their name on the project are architect Jean Nouvel and designer Philippe Starck, along with Brazilian artists Beatriz Milhazes and Saint-Clare Cemin.

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Outing World Cup Hotels: Where The Players are Staying

June 17, 2014 at 1:35 PM | by | ()

This is home for the Dutch national team in Brazil.

Every time the World Cup comes around, we get another chance to stalk check out the cool hotels around the host country where the various football teams are staying. (Check out this oldie post from 2006!)

This year, however, the booking site Trivago has beaten us to the punch and has already documented where some of the teams are staying. Who knew Trivago liked thinking about football players laying shirtless in hotel beds more than we do? But we're not here to poke fun. Trivago has done the Lord's work in compiling this list. Here are the highlights:

Wayne Rooney will be laying his newly full head of hair down at the Royal Tulip Hotel in Rio de Janeiro. The hotel is located on São Conrado beach and can host up to 3,000 people in its 418 apartment-like hotel suites. But the team might be distracted by this naked lady.

Team Germany and their hottie coach are spending the hot nights after games relaxing on the coast of Bahia at a property called Campo Bahia. The grounds are completely private so stalkers like us will have to do with hoping to catch a glimpse of Joachim when he heads into the neighboring Toko Village. In the meantime, we'll obsessively refresh the Campo Bahia Twitter feed.

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Will the Classic Hotel Glória In Rio Become a Four Seasons?

January 13, 2014 at 9:31 AM | by | ()

Brazil has a few big years coming up, hosting the FIFA World Cup this summer and the Olympic Games in 2016. That can only mean two things: lots of new hotels and lots of high, high rates.

We’d heard already that Four Seasons Hotels was moving in on the burgeoning market, but more details on what that might look like are starting to appear: Bloomberg is reporting that the Canadian group is looking at up to five properties: two in Sao Paulo, one in capital Brasilia and a resort in Pernambuco (more on that later), and in Rio de Janeiro possibly in the classic Hotel Glória, built in 1922 for the International Exhibition and being sold by embattled billionaire Eike Batista.

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Debate Sparks as Brazil Tourism Board Asks FIFA to Lower Hotel Prices for World Cup

August 26, 2013 at 9:15 AM | by | ()

Brazil's tourism board recently conducted a study of room rates and concluded that FIFA and its booking agency, Match Services, are jacking up the price of hotel rooms for next summer's World Cup.

Everyone expects room rates to be high during the Cup, but the tourism board thinks it's getting out of control, citing markups of 500% in some cases. What's worse is that the board suspects FIFA and Match are adding their own markup on top of the prices set by hoteliers. And not just a few taxes -- a 40% markup.

"We reiterate that FIFA/Match charges mark-up rates of more than 40 per cent on the amount contracted with the hotel, something that contributes decisively to the increase of the already high rates," the tourism board said in a document obtained by the Associated Press.

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Budget-Friendly Chains Majority of Olympic-Sized Brazil Hotel Boom

Where: Various Hotels , Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
April 2, 2013 at 10:13 AM | by | ()

One thing's for sure: The hotels being built for the 2016 Olympic Games in Brazil are going to be baptized by a fire hotter than the tip of the Olympic torch.

In total, about 16,000 new rooms will be added over the next three years. Obviously the properties need to be built, but don't forget about all the training and management issues that will need to be addressed, as millions of travelers from all over the world land in Rio expecting to be pleased. We already told you how new training was needed as sex hotels are converted to "normal" hotels, and we would imagine prepping to cater to all the world's cultures won't be easy.

Last summer, we wondered what brands would be coming to the city to feed the demand. The puzzle pieces are starting to come together, as new reports have shed light on the projects and hoteliers.

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Rio's Sex Hotels To Become Normal Hotels for Olympics

March 11, 2013 at 7:18 AM | by | ()

If you're planning to head to Rio de de Janeiro for either next year's World Cup or the 2016 Olympics, you may want to do your research on the history of your hotel, it might have a sordid past.

Rio has this hotel shortage for the upcoming events, we know that. The same committee that won the sports event bid for the Brazilian city promised 8,000 additional rooms have arranged for double that amount by the Opening Ceremonies. The 16,000 rooms will be a mix of new properties being built and renovated rooms. 3,500 of those rooms will be former sex hotels that have been cleaned up to attract the world sports fans.

In all, 60 four-hour-'nap' motels will get the once over (at least) saying 'até logo' to the heart-shaped waterbeds, red carpeting and mirrored ceilings in exchange for tasteful and comfy digs. Since the rooms will still be on the smaller side, these hotels can turn into a more affordable option for staying more upscale areas like Leblon.

Not only are the rooms getting redone, even the employees of the hotels will look and sound different. Motel employees are getting special training and language courses to deal with a new clientele. We can only imagine that late night requests for room-service are a lot different after the facelift.

[Photo: AFP]

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Elton John Requests Separate Hotel Room for His...Glasses

Where: Brazil
March 6, 2013 at 3:13 PM | by | ()

There will be no Candle in the Wind, or any breeze period period in Elton John’s hotel room at Brazil’s five-star hotel Ouro Minas as he insists on keeping it at 60.8F. Fair enough. We’ve heard about celebs and their riders when it comes to performances. Some more outrageous than others, but we gotta tell ya, this one from the Rocket Man, put us on pause.

Seems Elton requested a separate room for—his glasses. According to the Telegraph, a hotel spokesman said he needed another room for his glasses collection, at a temperature of 60 degrees in order to preserve them.

Let's all take a minute and absorb this.

'Kay, we all know Elton loves his funky specs—they are his trademark—so we’re not hating on him for wanting to take special care of them. In 2010 he told the BBC that he had over 250,000 pair. We're sure he didn't bring them all with him, so couldn't a special case do? A safe in the hotel? Did this need to go as far as an entire room?

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You, Too, Can Live Like Kimye In Rio For Just $3900 a Night

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  Site Where: Av. Vieira Souto, 80 , Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil, 22420-000
February 12, 2013 at 9:01 AM | by | ()

The wind blew strong as the three-month-pregnant Kim held on tight to her man.

Earlier last week, while the rest of Rio de Janeiro celebrated Carnival, celebrity couple Kim Kardashian and Kanye West were in more of a spectator mood, as they looked on from their glass balcony at the Fasano Hotel.

The 89-room hotel is part of the family-owned Grupo Fasano , which has hotels in São Paulo and Punta del Este and Boa Vista, as well as a number of restaurants around the country. Celebs like Madonna, Beyonce and P. Diddy have all favored the Fasano in the past, and Kimye certainly looked happy with their choice. Could that be.....a....show of genuine happiness on Kanye's face? Kind of astonishing for a guy who tends not to smile for the cameras so much as contemptuously sneer in their vague direction.

Rooms at the hotel all have ocean views, and were designed by Philippe Starck with a 60s Bossa Nova theme.

Knowing how Kim & Kanye like to roll, we're going to assume they opted for a Deluxe Suite, which goes for around $3,690/night, and features hardwood floors, a giant living room with all-white couches (pictured), walk-in closets, and a marble bathroom with a bathtub overlooking the ocean.

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After A Disco Break, Brazil's Copacabana Is Back!

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  Site Where: Avenida Atlântica 1702, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 22021 001
January 11, 2013 at 9:36 AM | by | ()

The famous Copacabana Palace in Rio had once been the place to be when visiting Brazil especially during its 80s and 90s heydays. But then something happened and, well, the place fell into a bit of disarray. Then in 2011, Orient-Express stepped in. They shut down the place in June and finally have announced that after throwing $20 million into a makeover, the iconic hotel is back!

The lobby has been expanded for a more airy feel and all 145 rooms and suites in the main building have been renovated from furniture down to the linens. Careful attention was made though, to ensure that the history of the 90-year old hotel was well respected, keeping the marble staircase, and unearthing the original ceiling that had been covered by plaster.

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Lonely Anthony Bourdain Tries Out A Love Hotel in São Paolo

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  Site Where: Rua Doutor Freire Cisneiro, 80, Jardim das Graças, Sao Paolo, Brazil, 02714-020
December 11, 2012 at 12:32 PM | by | ()

Anthony Bourdain is back for another season of “The Layover”, and we like it because he names the hotels in the cities where he'll be spending his precious time. So, for entertainment and a dose of travel value, we'll give you some deets on the properties he picks, just in case you find yourself looking for a place to stay in a city sanctioned by this travel personality/chef.

Layover Hotel Episode 4: Censiv Motel: "Is there anything more lonely and twisted than checking into a love hotel alone?" That's the question Bourdain asks about São Paolo's Censiv Motel, known as one of the city's most popular "love motels". You know the place--a no tell, motel where you stay for a night, or just a few hours.

Perfect for a layover of any sort, really.

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Is Gisele Bundchen's Hotel Even Open Anymore?

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  Site Where: Rua Alameda Buenos Aires, 322 -, Bairro Nossa Senhora das Dores, Brazil
June 8, 2011 at 4:03 PM | by | ()

Gisele Bundchen is one of the world's richest supermodels. Heck, she is probably one of the world's richest people having raked in about $45 million last year, according to Forbes.

Most of that money comes from looking pretty but she has other sources of revenue too like her Ipanema flipflops line and her skincare products, Sejaa.

But what's probably not a money maker is her hotel in Brazil, the Palladium Executive, a hotel with apartment-like rooms for business and executive travelers.

We first heard about this hotel back in 2008 but we couldn't find a website for it then. Fast forward three years and a diligent tipster has uncovered a website.

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Amy Winehouse Has Still Got It (The Knack for Odd Hotel Behavior, That Is)

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  Site Where: R Alm Alexandrino 660, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 20241260
January 13, 2011 at 3:44 PM | by | ()

Last year at this time troubled but talented Amy Winehouse was doing a risque hotel balcony dance down in St. Lucia at the LeSport Resort and Spa. She was also spotted at the resort "begging for booze, draping herself over male employees, swearing like a sailor and smoking joints in the open.

This year, she's taken the act to Brazil to the Hotel Santa Teresa in Rio de Janeiro where rooms cost about $1,200 a night. Winehouse was spotted lounging around the pool in a bikini, jean cut-offs and some mysterious bruises. The Daily Mail is furiously investigating how this could have happened:

Looking suspiciously like a drunken sort of injury that one wakes up to after a boozy night out, the bruises stood out a mile as Amy chatted to her security guards at her hotel.

Or not.

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