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Are Bow Ties the New Hot Hotel Trend?

June 27, 2012 at 4:54 PM | by | ()

When we got a sneak peek at the new look of The Roger Hotel in Manhattan we were a little giddy over the logo which is a simple black bow tie. Even though the logo is plastered everywhere and on everything, we still liked it.

And it got us thinking of two other hotels that sport the bow tie look. Over at The Plaza in New York, the toiletries are outfitted with black bow ties around the tops while at Mr. C. Beverly Hills, Mr. C himself sports a ginormous bow tie for the hotel's logo which is found throughout the hotel including the bath towels and the toiletries. And down in New Orleans at the W French Quarter a recent room renovation included the addition of bowtie pillows.

Steven Kamali, who was behind the Roger's reinvention, tells us why they decided to cap off the new look with a bow tie:

The bowtie symbolized a level of sophistication and class. It added a personal touch and figurative personality to the brand.  It also symbolized a transcendence of style from one generation to the next - something classic, is now, hip and modern.

Now four hotels with bow ties is still a pretty slim argument for this being the hot new trend but well, we can hope can't we?

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