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The Bold, The Odd, and The Beautiful: Spa News You Can Use

July 20, 2012 at 6:33 PM | by | ()

The weekend is upon us and all we can think of is having a Calgon moment. A soothing, it’ll-be-all right session seems about due, and we’re certain you can use one as well. The stars must be in alignment because we received a great mix of spa news this week, so we’ve gotta share. Chances are, some of you need a good old massage, and the spa gurus are searching for the new treatment du jour. And because it’s summertime, that means kids are hopped up on ice cream, candy and the like, so they need to calm the heck down, too. Just thinking about these treatments are already calming our nerves.

Kid Friendly

The new Chillax Lounge at Vermont’s Stowe Mountain Lodge is tailor-made for the hyperactive whippersnapper set. Kids come in fresh from a day at the pool or on the mountains, wrap a plush robe around their clothes, and hop into a cozy Pier One-style papasan chair drapped with a covered massage pad (the kind you can get at the Sharper Image). After they get over pressing the buttons and settling into the right vibrations—the relaxing and pampering begins with a chocolate face mask, cucumber slices for the eyes, and well a soothing scalp massage. The room looks right out into the mountains, so the view is incredible and the destimulation begins. What’s amazing is, according to Stowe's spa director, this service is booked more by preteen boys than girls! Apparently the guys are better at kicking back, enjoying the silence, and decompressing for a while, while girls tend to turn into chatty Cathy’s after a few minutes. Hmm, go figure.

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W Fort Lauderdale Will Judge Beefcakes Next Week in First Ever 'Blissguy' Contest

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July 20, 2010 at 3:51 PM | by | ()

Are you a buff guy? Do you spend considerable time manscaping every day? Are you not afraid to drop down to your skivvies and walk the runway in your bathing suit in front of a bunch of random judges, one of which is a drag queen?

If so, then you will want to enter W Fort Lauderdales' first-ever Blissguy competition, held in conjunction with the hotel's own Bliss Spa. And if you win, you will get a serious prize:

Ten well-groomed guys will walk the runway in casual wear and swimwear by Original Penguin, followed by a fun and flirty Q&A to impress the judges panel. The lucky winner will receive the most fully loaded grand prize gift package this side of the sunshine state including: one year's worth of Bliss spa services, $1,000 gift certificate to Original Penguin (redeemable at the Lincoln Road store), a mega gift basket of super spa-strength Bliss products (valued at over $1,000) and will be featured in a local Bliss spa ad as the “Blissguy Fort Lauderdale.”

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Beyonce Sings for The Worst Hotel Guest Ever

January 5, 2010 at 5:40 PM | by | ()

Wow, we are only a few days into the new decade and already Bad Boy hotel guest Dennis Rodman has been usurped by the son of Libyan dictator Moammar Khadafy, whose name is Hannibel. Yet this guy should get credit for nothing other than being a terrible human being, let alone a hotel guest from hell.

Page Six had a little ditty today about how Beyonce snagged a cool $1 million for performing at Hannibel's New Year's Eve party at Nikki Beach club on St. Barts.

But also in the item (shame on you Beyonce) is a laundry list of Hannibel's horrendous behavior at hotels. They are:

1. Attacking his wife at Claridges:

Hannibal, 33 -- also known as Moutassim -- allegedly attacked his wife, Aline Skaf, in his suite at Claridge's in London. Three of his security staff were arrested for obstructing police. Skaf was reportedly hospitalized with a broken nose while Hannibal was whisked away in a diplomatic car.

2. Attacking servants in a Geneva hotel:

In July 2008, he and his then-pregnant wife were arrested on charges of beating their servants in a Geneva hotel. They denied the charges, which were dropped after the servants received compensation.

3. Again, attacking his wife:

Hannibal was also arrested in 2005 in a Paris hotel for allegedly punching Skaf. He then allegedly brandished a 9mm handgun and went on a furniture-smashing rampage in his hotel suite. No charges were brought.

Ugh. Luxury hotels around the world need to man up and ban this man from staying at their hotels. Put him on the hotel blacklists straightaway!

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Don't Worry Your Bliss Toiletries Are Still Safe

November 2, 2009 at 4:55 PM | by | ()

Yes, we know that most of you who shack up at W Hotels do it for the Bliss Toiletries that are placed in the bathrooms. Just admit it! But although Starwood announced today its plans to sell its Bliss unit, you can rest assured that the toiletries will remain in the W Hotel bathrooms. Also, Bliss spas and Remede spas in the St. Regis Hotels will still be open and functioning. It's just a business transaction, it won't harm your complexion.

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