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1 Hotel Under $100: Hotel Pension-Funk, Berlin

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  Site Where: Fasanenstrasse, 69, Berlin, Germany
June 12, 2012 at 5:02 PM | by | Comments (0)

There's travel talk everywhere about how expensive it'll be to fly and drive this summer, so there has to be some savings somewhere, yes? The most obvious place will be in hotel rates, and so our gift to you this week will be one hotel a day that comes in under $100 a night. Now, we're not saying every place will be of Ritz quality, because then it would be...well, the bloody Ritz. But the places will be nice enough for you to sleep at night.

Our Pick: Hotel Pension-Funk, Berlin

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8 Of Our Favorite Rooms Inside Berlin's Propeller Island City Lodge

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  Site Where: Albrecht-Achilles-Strasse 58, Berlin, Germany, 10709
April 20, 2012 at 10:26 AM | by | Comments (0)

No, this isn't the first time HotelChatter has taken a look at Berlin's art-tastic Propeller Island City Lodge, a collection of 34 rooms individually designed and crafted by German artist Lars Stroschen. But to end the week on a more positive note, we thought we'd re-visit one of our favorite odd hotels.

The themes at PICL, which range from "Prison Cell" and "Grandma's Room" to "The Upside Down Room" (above) and "Coffin Room," mostly draw on places where you'd never, ever want to sleep, but then again we've stayed at far more sensible (read: boring) hotels that charge way more per night.

Interestingly, rates here vary among the different rooms, so a night inside the Prison Cell will only set you back 79 EUR, while a night in the "Two Lions" suite, which, yes, comes with a cage, goes for 190 EUR. We browsed through the hotel's collection of photos and have picked out the ones that appeal most to us. And just for kicks, we put them into a gallery for you to look at.

Click below to take a peek at the odd, odder, and oddest rooms!

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This Photographer Traveled The World Playing Dress-Up In Hotels

February 22, 2012 at 11:30 AM | by | Comments (0)

We're not sure whether to be jealous or just plain creeped out—we're a little of both, actually—but we have to give credit to artist Anja Niemi, who really brushed up on her hotel knowledge for a new exhibition, titled Do Not Disturb. In each of the photographs, Niemi takes on a different female character who essentially becomes a 'part' of the hotel room. See if you can spot her in the above shot, "Room 833." Creepy, right?

But rather than settling for just any old hotel, Niemi instead researched for months to find exactly the right room for each shot. Jealous much? Seriously, artists really live the life sometimes. For this project, Niemi traveled to hotels in New York, Vienna, Berlin and Oslo; and when she arrived, all she had to do was play dress-up and pose for the camera. The desire to change career paths completely and become a photographer's assistant has never been stronger.

Read on to find out where you can check out the entire collection!

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Fancy Seeing You Here, Mr. Scuba Diver

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  Site Where: Berlin, Germany
May 19, 2011 at 5:41 PM | by | Comments (0)

We've written about the outstanding AquaDom at the Radisson Blu Berlin before but this snapshot of a scuba diver inside the cylindrical aquarium (the largest in the world) kinda cracks us up.

He looks like one of those fake diver dolls you drop in your home aquarium! Except this diver is doing some hard work--scrubbing clean the aquarium which houses tropical fish. Meanwhile, guests who want to go inside the aquarium will have to settle for riding up the elevator through the middle of the cylinder.

The aquarium is run by SeaLife Berlin next door which operates the elevator ride as well but hotel guests can get a special discount on admission--adult tickets are 11,50€ compared with 16,95€. Room rates at the Radisson, which come with free WiFi, start at 225€ a night.

[Photo: CorinnaWitt/HotelChatter Flickr Pool]

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Waldorf Astoria Will Also Open in Berlin and Panama in Late 2011

January 26, 2011 at 12:06 PM | by | Comments (0)

With the Waldorf Astoria’s London Syon Park hotel all set to open next month, the group have announced a further two new hotels, one in Berlin and one in Panama. Both hotels are due to open late 2011, although no confirmed dates have been set.

The Waldorf Astoria Berlin (above) will be located in the centre the affluent City West neighbourhood. The hotel will be the group’s first in Germany and is housed in the highest building in the west side city.

The website is claiming the 232 rooms and suites:

will set new standards in luxury by combining the pioneering heritage of the legendary flagship Waldorf=Astoria New York with a unique design inspired by Berlin’s vibrant personality.

But we’ll have to wait and see as there are no room photos yet.

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What 'In-Your Face' Luxury Means at The Ritz-Carlton Berlin

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  Site Where: Potsdamer Platz 3, Berlin, Germany, 10785
November 18, 2010 at 1:55 PM | by | Comments (0)

Every so often we feature a hotel review from our readers that we feel should be shared with the rest of you dear hotel guests. These reviews are highlighted because they are timely, about cool hotels in cool places and are relatively level-headed. Think you can submit one just like this? Send it in.


Arrival & Check-in
Quick and efficient. The doorman has your suitcase inside before you finish paying the taxi (which is about 20 minutes and 20 euros from Tegel airport). The lady checking me in escorted me to the elevator to show me how to operate the keycard that is required to go up.

Only disappointment I had upon entering the room was two single beds - as a single business traveler two beds are pretty pointless. No luck in getting that changed though, not a king bed free in the house.

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Good to Know: The Marriott Berlin is Checking Under the Bed

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  Site Where: Inge-Beisheim-Platz 1, Berlin, Germany, 10785
October 19, 2010 at 5:07 PM | by | Comments (0)

While we're not quite sure what is going on with that ironing board in New Orleans, over in Germany, The Marriott Berlin hotel wants you to know that their housekeeping is doing a thorough job of cleaning--even under the bed. Another kind HotelChatter reader writes in:

When I got into my room on Monday and started to settle in, I saw something peeking out from under the bed. First reaction is of course: oh great, I wonder how long that has been there. When I looked closer I thought, hang on a minute - when I pulled it out much to my delight it's the note from housekeeping in the picture saying: "Yes, it's true, we look here too!". On the back are individually signed lines by each member of staff when they clean the room. How great is that? I hadn't seen it anywhere before, thought it was a neat thing to do.

This is a "neat" thing to do so now we can sleep comfortably knowing that there are no monsters or other scary things under the bed. We only wish they could do something about that WiFi situation. For more on the Marriott Berlin, read the HotelChatter review here.

Got a hotel snapshot you think we should see? Don't be shy, send it to us!!

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Berlin's Newest Hotel Balances 'Brutal Living' with iMacs and a Rooftop Pool

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  Site Where: Weinmeisterstrasse 2, Berlin, Germany, 10178
July 14, 2010 at 5:15 PM | by | Comments (0)

The Germans may only have won third place at the World Cup, but they take first in our book when it comes to the funkiest new design hotels. And—speak of the devil—the Design Hotels chain has just opened up a new property right in Berlin-Mitte, a walk away from the very hip Hackescher Markt area.

Called the Weinmeister Berlin-Mitte, the new property (which debuted on July 6) calls its aesthetic "Brutal Living/Luxury Punk," and yet all 88 rooms look pretty cozy from the photographs we've seen.

Perhaps the "brutal" refers to the main facade of the building, which is a flat, gold modernistic one. The Weinmeister hopes it'll be called the "golden cage" as a result, but we think the locals will think of far better nicknames than that.

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Soho House Berlin and Its 'Tiny' Rooms are Now Open

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  Site Where: Torstrasse 1, Berlin, Germany, 10119
June 22, 2010 at 4:55 PM | by | Comments (0)

It looks like Soho House and its hotel rooms are on a major expansion kick. The Soho House West Hollywood opened earlier this year (but without hotel rooms) as did two new annexes in London--Dean Street Townhouse and Shoreditch--and Soho Beach House in Miami is expected to open in September.

But back on The Continent, it looks like Soho House has opened a new club and hotel Berlin as well. This photo shows a Damien Hirst shark "painting" in the hotel's lobby.

The good news is that rooms are quite affordable here starting at 100 Euros a night for non-members (members can get it for 75 Euros.) The bad news is that rooms are tiny and indeed that is the name of the starting room category, "Tiny." These rooms are also on the top of the hotel in the attic and boast a "dormitory feel." (Other room sizes are Small, Medium, Large and Extra-Large.) There's also only 40 guestrooms at the hotel so chances for availability are slimmer.

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Grand Theft Autobahn: Berlin Hotel Robbed During Poker Tournament

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  Site Where: Marlene-Dietrich-Platz 2 , Berlin, Germany, 10785
March 8, 2010 at 10:35 AM | by | Comments (0)

German police responding to an unrelated 1995 Berlin heist, as seen in "Masterminds: The Berlin Heist".

If they can wake up without a post-Oscars hangover this morning, Hollywood screenwriters could find the next big action caper writing itself with a little help from the headlines. A group of armed and masked bandits made off with a million-euro haul on Saturday after storming a poker tournament taking place at the Berlin Grand Hyatt in the middle of the day. German police said today that while the theft was captured on video, they still have no firm leads on the crooks.

The downtown hotel was home to a lineup of stars during the recent Berlin Film Festival, but the panic was real this weekend when the robbers toting machetes and guns forced hotel staff to hand over bags stuffed with cash. At least seven people were injured while trying to escape, according to reports.

Despite the attack—and the loss of part of the prize money—the five-day tournament organized by the European Poker Tour resumed again on Sunday.

[Photo: Crime and Investigation Network ]

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The Michelberger in Berlin: A Cross Between Hipster Hotel and Hostel

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  Site Where: Warschauer Strasse 39/40, Berlin, Germany, 10243
January 19, 2010 at 12:50 PM | by | Comment (1)

Whoa whoa whoa. Do we have a new Ace Hotel-like concept going on here? This hipster haven you see above is the recently opened Michelberger Hotel in Berlin, and it's looking pretty sweet and polished for a budget hotel concept. Or at least, that's how the group behind the place describe it:

The Michelbergerhotel is a budget hotel concept created by a group of friends, who had the idea to make the best hotel they could, the kind of hotel they’d like to stay in. A place that’s individual, charismatic, stylish, fun, rebellious and inexpensive, a place where anything goes, just like Berlin itself.

Yes, that lobby is super cool and decorated with repurposed books and magazines; yes, it has an awesome and individual website; and yes, the rooms actually fall in the budget category by beginning at 59 Euro a night. Where was this place when we found ourselves bedding down at the Marriott Berlin in May?!

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The Hotel Concorde Berlin Wants You To Look Hawt

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  Site Where: Augsburger Str. 41, Berlin, Germany, 10789
November 20, 2009 at 1:59 PM | by | Comments (0)

Berlin's Hotel Concorde has long tried to be hip with its accommodation packages, and each deal they come out with does seem to get better and better. Learning French in Berlin was a bit of a stretch; their Fall of the Wall deal was pretty good; but now comes the most sensible idea they've had so far: a Shop in the City package.

Being all very cosmopolitan and cool, yet not outrageously expensive, Berlin is an ideal place to go on a shopping splurge. The Hotel Concorde is also in the right part of Berlin for this, right on the Kurfürstendamm shopping street, and even through winter you'll be able to easily get around to all the best stores.

The Shop in the City package includes lots of shopping-related bonuses, like a 10% discount at KaDeWe (the largest department store in Europe and right next to the Mercedes Benz building), a €35 voucher for the Montblanc store, and 20% discount and a personal shopper appointment at department store Galeries Lafayette – and a bunch more. You also get a two-night stay for two people with buffet breakfast both mornings, all starting from $275 a night per room. Which is cheap enough that you'll still have some cash left over for all that shopping.

[Photo of the fantastic KaDeWe: sk8geek]