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Inside the Beatles-Themed Hard Day's Night Hotel

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  Site Where: 41 North John Street, Liverpool, United Kingdom, L2 6RR
February 7, 2008 at 12:51 PM | by | ()

[Photo: Ellie Laycock]

The Beatles-Themed Hard Days Night Hotel opened last week and thanks to Stefano at Epoque Hotels, we were able to get our hands on some great snapshots by of the hotel's rooms, suites and public areas.

Just check out this killer shot of the John Lennon Suite which comes complete with a white piano. While the Times UK reviewer had some issues with the public spaces, you can't say this hotel won't make a Beatles fan very happy.

Check out more photos below.

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Putting The Hard Day's Night Hotel into Context

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  Site Where: 41 North John Street, Liverpool, United Kingdom
February 5, 2008 at 9:00 AM | by | ()

Last week HotelChatter reported the opening of the long-awaited (oft-delayed) Hard Day's Night hotel in Liverpool, a Beatles-themed extravaganza of a hotel experience.

We haven't stayed there so we won't pretend we have, unlike the writers of the bizarre mixture of faux-reviews that search engines come up with. Anything from "clever touches of decadence throughout, as well as exclusive works of art by the famous Beatles artist Shannon" to The Times newspaper's damning remark that Shannon's work is "mediocre."

But we can put the hotel in context.

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The Beatles-Themed Hard Day's Night Hotel To Open This Friday

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  Site Where: North John Street, Liverpool, United Kingdom
January 29, 2008 at 3:14 PM | by | ()

The Times UK got a sneak peek at the Hard Day's Night Hotel which is opening this Friday and will be the first Beatles-themed hotel to open (although certainly not the last.)

Initially, we thought this would be some sort of hack hotel, but it sounds rather cool.

When the doors open on February 1 guests will be greeted by four statues of the Beatles over the cathedral-like arched main door.

A gold banister lined staircase leads up to the Brasserie and reception, where hundreds of sheets of Beatles' music hang from the ceiling and a frieze of black and white stills of the Fab Four runs like a film reel across the top of the entrance wall.

The lobby's star feature, however, is a bright Yellow Submarine jukebox, apparently one of only 1,000 in existence. And, you've guessed it, Beatles music plays night and day throughout the hotel.

The Times reporter did have some harsh words for certain areas of the hotel. The rooms feature artwork of the Beatles from artist Shannon whose work is called "mediocre." The underground conference room with 70s style carpeting is "dead" and the Buddha-themed Hari's Bar is "hideous."

What we're mostly concerned about is a wedding chapel adjacent to the bar called "Just the Two of Us."

Still, Beatles fans will appreciate the local tours of Liverpool that the hotel offers and the constant streaming of Beatles music throughout. For fans with dough, they can stay in the £650-a-night Lennon and McCartney suites on the fifth and sixth floors. The Lennon suite features a white piano and the McCartney suites feature a knight's armour in reference to his knighthood.

For the opening weekend, the hotel has put together a two-person package at £460.00 for two nights which includes dinner, breakfast, a commemorative gift and tickets to a Beatles tribute band show inside the hotel.

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Another Beatles Hotel Planned for Liverpool

October 25, 2007 at 2:49 PM | by | ()

While the Hard Days Night Hotel was the first Beatles-themed hotel on the scene in Liverpool, it might not open in time to be the first Beatles-themed hotel taking guests.

That's because an 18-room Beatles hotel is planned to open soon. The owner is Sarah de Fermor who already owns the Lennon's Bar in town. The hotel will be named after one of the Beatles' song--Eleanor Rigby and is expected to open in two months. Meanwhile the Hard Days Night is set for a January opening.

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Hard Days Night Hotel Opening Shifts to 2008

September 24, 2007 at 11:51 AM | by | ()

The fall 2007 opening of the Hard Days Night Hotel has slipped out until January 2008, apparently. This £20m ($40.4m) development near the Cavern Club has managed to make the slide in opening date sound kinda cool though: the 2008 opening will coincide with the beginning of Liverpool's year as the European Capital of Culture.

Come January, those with deep pockets will be to stay in one of the two penthouse suites, named the Lennon and McCartney suites respectively--the Lennon suite comes complete with a white grand piano.

Exactly what's taken them so long to get the Beatles-themed hotel ready isn't clear, but management member Trevor Lynn is still hyped about it all:

The city of Liverpool is steeped in Beatles history and with the help of Shannon's stunning artwork, we believe that Hard Days Night Hotel is the perfect addition. We are delighted that after much anticipation, the hotel is about to become a reality.

The longer the delay in opening, the more the anticipation, so now we're starting to expect something quite special, and we're lining up a stack of Beatles tracks on our iPod in preparation.

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The Beatles Hotel Still Aiming for Fall 2007 Opening

August 13, 2007 at 1:05 PM | by | ()

In the July/August issue of the European Travel Commission's newsletter, they highlighted several new and upcoming hotels in Europe. We'll be taking a closer look at some of these hotels this week but we're always interested in hearing your recommendations for hotels in Europe. So send 'em our way.

The Beatles-themed hotel, A Hard Day's Night Hotel is still tentatively set for a Fall 2007 opening. The hotel, as we've mentioned before, will have 110-rooms that will "tell a different part of the Beatles story through original artwork."

Construction on the hotel has begun and additionally, the hotel website has picked up a bit, by adding a news center called "Get Informed", renderings of rooms and public spaces, and even a bio on the Beatles artist Shannon who will be doing all the original artwork for the hotel. We also learn that John Lennon's half-sister has given the hotel her seal of approval although there has been no word from the remaining Beatles, Paul or Ringo, yet.

As for whether the hotel will open in Fall 2007, we're not so sure. After all, that's not so far away. And on the careers page on the hotel website, it said the hotel would start posting jobs in the new year which we are guessing was the start of 2007. But so far, no jobs have been listed.

Also, judging from the rendering it almost looks like the rooms will have shag carpets, no?

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The Beatles-themed Hard Day's Night Hotel To Open Next Fall

July 28, 2006 at 12:01 PM | by | ()

Beatlemania just won't quit. There's the Cirque du Soleil Beatles show, LOVE, in Las Vegas. A Tokyo hotel has recreated the hotel suite where the Fab Five stayed forty years ago and now we hear a man is working hard to build a Beatles theme hotel in their hometown of Liverpool.

The Hard Day's Night Hotel, as the place is expected to be named, is the project of developer Bowdena and spearheaded by Jonathan Davies. Funded with some government money, the $31 million hotel is set to open in the Fall of 2007. But don't expect a place  that's full of Beatle memorabilia everywhere you turn. While that is what you would expect from a themed hotel, Davies prefers his own term for it, "bouthemed."

"There will be subtle and clever references to the Beatles," said [Davies]."But if we have someone staying in the hotel who doesn't happen to be a Beatles fan then we don't want to hit them in the face with it.

"It is all about getting the balance right. You can't just cover the place in Beatles memorabilia. Each of the 110 rooms will have 110 photographs charting the history of the band.

"This is certainly going to be a very different type of hotel and we think people who are fans of the Beatles are going to love it. I've invented a word to describe it - bouthemed - a mix of boutique and themed."

So it's not going to reek of the Beatles, but each room has 110 photos of the band? Perhaps he should just stick with the "Themed" word instead.

Some other detes are that the hotel's logo will be a "guitar fretboard with circles representing the chord that is played at the beginning of Hard Day's Night", services and facilities are described as "first-class" and that the location is literally yards away from where the band was "born."

However, don't expect Ringo and Paul at the opening party since the remaining Beatles and their record label have nothing to do with the hotel.

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