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7 Reasons Why Banks Make Great Hotels

February 17, 2014 at 12:53 PM | by | ()

UPDATE: We've added one more bank since the article was first published. So now there's 7 bank hotels to enjoy!

There can be no denying that banks build great big homes for themselves. They get the best locations – they hire the starchitects of the day – and they spare no expense in creating rich interior spaces. And it’s a win-win when these “pillars of strength” are plucked by savvy developers and converted into hotels.

Banks have so many great features that designers can’t wait to get their hands on: dramatic multi-story lobbies with heavy yet ornate columns; monumental staircases that you would love to slide down; and over the top interior finishes. Vaults become spas and ballrooms, mezzanines become restaurants, and executive boardrooms become… executive boardrooms.

We’ve reported on a few hotel conversion projects currently under way including the former Colorado National Bank in Denver, the Jarmulowsky Bank in New York City,and the upcoming Virgin Hotel in Chicago but we will continue to keep you posted as they progress. For now, check out these uniquely adapted from banks around the world:

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So Much Hoopla over a Cupola, as a New Hotel in Lower Manhattan Finally Gets Going

Where: 9 Orchard Street [map], New York, NY, United States
February 10, 2014 at 10:18 AM | by | ()

Hats off to the owners of a much-delayed hotel project who will be leaving their hat on their historic building located at the corner of Orchard and Canal Street.

Back in 2012 we reported about a new hotel planned in the former Jarmulowksy Bank, a City Landmark in Manhattan’s Lower East Side. Anyone that restores a protected historic building--and we thank you for that--knows that delays happen. In the case of 9 Orchard Street, this time it is for a really good reason--the building’s original cupola. This one is a 50-foot-high domed structure that graces the rooftop and the local skyline. It was removed in the early 1990s for restoration and omitted from the hotel project.

Now the cupola is back on, thanks to DLJ Real Estate Capital, the property’s owner. DLJ will be restoring and re-installing the building’s distinctive top hat as it was originally intended. This is good news all around even if it delays the hotel opening.

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