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A Quick Look at Some Cool Hotel Designs Coming in 2012

February 2, 2012 at 9:50 AM | by | ()

Remember the guys who brought you the sperm-shaped urinals at Trump Panama? Well, in the spirit of our recently-launched (and super hot topic-y) 2012 Master List of Hotel Openings, we were a little curious to see what else the design wizards at HBA had cooking on the stove.

Though their total project list spans 21 properties, a few in particular stand out: Four Seasons Guangzhou, Park Hyatt Hyderabad, Sheraton Fuzhou, and Waldorf-Astoria Ras Al Khaimah are all places we'll be keeping a close eye on as they gear up for their respective 2012 grand openings. We love nothing more than unique, well-executed, culturally-relevant design, and these places have it all.

Though we can't quite make out the white sculpture at the far end of Park Hyatt Hyderabad's atrium (above)—some sort of cat? or god?—we love the scale of those high black marble columns and curvy chandelier over the low rounded bench below. Proving, once and for all, you don't need urinals with tails to really make a lobby pop.

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The Master List of Worldwide Hotel Openings in 2012

January 26, 2012 at 11:47 AM | by | ()

Now that the excitement of the New Year has finally started to die down, we've been poring over the planned hotel openings for 2012 and is it just us or is the Master List of 2012 Openings longer than any other year?

Then again, maybe it just looks that way because hotels are leveling off their development in hot markets (China) and exploring new areas (other countries in Asia.) Last year, we said that the economy was definitely reviving and this year, we're starting to see things level out. Of course, London is going to have a banner year of hotel openings thanks to the Summer Olympics. But surprisingly, Kiev in the Ukraine, is getting a few fancy new hotels too, thanks to the UEFA Euro 2012 tournament happening this summer.

India is still a hot market for hotels as is the Middle East but while things are starting to slow down in China, we have to remember that IHG is creating a new hotel brand just for China, meaning that more "homegrown" brands might be more common there in future years.

Meanwhile in the U.S., the opening list for New York is way shorter than previous years but Miami is holding strong and San Diego is set to get three new hotels by the summer. San Francisco, which had no new hotels open there last year, is getting two.

As always, this list will be constantly updated throughout the year, sometimes on a daily basis, definitely on a weekly one. In fact, just as we were putting the finishing touches on this intro, we learned of a new date for the Hotel Lincoln in Chicago. (It's now opening March 9, instead of March 30.) So feel free to help us out and send us your hotel opening (or delay) tips!

Know of a hotel opening in 2012 that's not on this list? Or know of a different opening date than the ones listed here? Put them in comments below!

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