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Rocco Forte Wants To Join These Three Recently Opened Hotels in Venice

Where: Venice, Italy
September 3, 2014 at 8:43 AM | by | ()

Scouring around for information about the forthcoming JW Marriott Venice yesterday, we stumbled upon a rather exciting piece of news: Rocco Forte is planning to open a hotel in Venice.

According to La Nuova, RF himself said that Venice is “attractive” (no, really?), and that he’s looking for a property. The only problem is:

Venetian palazzos are small, and it’s difficult to find space for a 60-room property, which is what we’d like.

Simples, Rocco – buy an island.

That article is from 2012, so let’s hope they’re close to finding something by now. In the meantime, here are three other recent Venice openings (all 2013) that’d be worth a shot:


We talked about this last year; in short, it’s insanely over the top, quintessentially Venetian, and has 24 suites in the Palazzo Papadopoli on the Grand Canal. A room this weekend will set you back €1265 ($1664), though in acqua alta season (Dec/Jan) prices start at “just” €850 ($1120).


We’re kind of entranced by this converted glassworks on Murano. It opened last year and is part of Accor’s boutique MGallery collection. Sleek, modern rooms around a central courtyard on sleepy Murano – what’s not to love? Rooms this weekend from €191 ($251), dropping to €176 ($231) in low season – great for Venice.


In Palazzo Genovese, this opened in November on Dorsoduro, near Santa Maria della Salute, and has its own mooring on the Grand Canal. “Eccentrically extravagant” is the tagline, and the rooms are definitely, um, loud – but Venice always has been a “why use one color when you could use five” kind of place, and the canal-facing rooms have superb views. Oh, and Al Pacino was there yesterday. €574 this weekend, €326 in low season.

[Photos: Centurion Palace Facebook, Sina Hotels, Aman Resorts, LaGare Venezia Facebook]

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