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Hotel Urso Is 'Bearing' Up Beautifully In Madrid

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  Site Where: Meja Lequerica 8, Madrid, Spain, 28004
September 2, 2014 at 9:24 AM | by | ()

Its chic, its sexy, its in a seriously up-and-coming part of Madrid its the Hotel Urso ('Bear Hotel'), which opened quietly last week. And quietly is the right word according to this account in CN Traveler Espaa (in Spanish, or via Google Translate), the hotel was firmly shut up with nobody around until the day before opening; and they only fixed the awning with the Hotel Urso branding on it the morning of the day itself. Maana maana, and all that.

The hotel does, though, look stunning its a Neoclassical building, as you may remember, thats been thoroughly modernized.

Look at that bird-filled wallpaper (apparently from the 17th century - or at least inspired by an old pattern - if this Facebook caption is to be believed). Look at that sleek pool! That is some hardcore hotel porn right there. And this atrium is the moneyshot:

Theres still no way to book a room through the site - the reservations page asks you to ugh! email a request instead; but you can reserve on Booking.com, where a room tonight is going for 140 ($184).

[Photos: Hotel Urso; Traveler.es]

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