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Are Hotel Wristbands Something That Hotels Should Be Investing In?

September 2, 2014 at 1:24 PM | by | ()

The newly-opened EVEN Hotel in Norwalk, Connecticut

The development of the EVEN Hotels brand has been an interesting thing to watch as it attempts to appeal to travelers, presumably of the business variety, who want to stay in shape while on the road. And it's introduced some ideas and concepts that are sure to keep even casually health-conscious people thinking fitness, including "in-room training zones" and an in-house restaurant concept that makes it easy to make good decisions.

Obviously, the idea is to attract active guests. Which is why we're curious to hear your thoughts on the brand's latest guest service offering: Waterproof wristbands that act as the room key and a form of cashless currency.

According to a press release, the wristbands will reflect the "new, wellness-oriented hotel brand's efforts to appeal to particularly active guests." They cost $8, but can be kept and reused on a future stay. The wristbands can even be customized with a company logo.

Hmmm... guess that takes the "presumably" out of the above statement about EVEN Hotels going after business travelers. It's convenience for repeat guests that is for sale here, and there's probably a small underlying assumption that active guests are likely to rock an athletic-type wristband.

Rooms at Even Hotels are filled with workout gear. Yet, it's hard for this writer to imagine that I would ever want to pay a hotel $8 to wear its wristband, and it's hard to understand why a wristband would be developed in the place of, say, a mobile app that provided the same services. Okay, not everyone has a smart phone, but we're thinking there are more smartphone users than people who would be willing to wear a hotel's wristband around town.

Given all the investment EVEN Hotels has made into formulating this extremely focused brand, we're curious as to whether this decision was a smart one. But let's take the question more broadly. Is this technology something that the hotel industry should be entertaining? Are hotel wristbands something that you would actually wear? Answer our informal poll in comments below!

A) Yes, I'd wear it for the perks, but only if it was free.

B) Yes, I love the idea of a wristband as a room key and would be willing to pay for it.

C)No, but mostly because keyless entry and cashless payments aren't enough motivation.

D)No, I wouldn't be caught dead wearing one, regardless of the perks.

[Photo: PDC Bands and Even Hotels/Facebook]

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this is not an all inclusive resort or an over 21s pool party. people aren't wandering round in their swimpants. they can find somewhere to store a key

Wrong Picture

I agree I wouldn't wear a wristband either, but your picture at the top of the page is definitely NOT an Even hotel lobby - it doesn't even look close to one. Plus, the wristbands at Even would NOT be scanned, they're RFID.

RFID Wristbands

I think its a good concept. I've been to events, concerts, and hotels where I've had to use <a href="http://www.pdcsolutions.com/custom-product-wristbands.html"> custom wristbands</a> (Like the RFID) and honestly, it was a pleasant experience. Whenever I go to hotels, I have to worry about where I placed my keycard and its definitely annoying. Some hotels charge you if you lose that too. So yea... its a good concept and I'd like to see more of it.

Answer: B

I like the idea of keyless entry and I've been seeing a lot more RFID wristbands used in the hotel and event industry. I think the attractive thing is customizing your wristbands with logo. PDC Solutions does a really nice job. (<a href="http://www.pdcsolutions.com/rfid-solutions/rfid-wristbands.html">http://www.pdcsolutions.com/rfid-solutions/rfid-wristbands.html</a>)