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Introducing This Year's Newest Hotel Service Trend: Water Waiters

August 7, 2014 at 11:04 AM | by | ()

Infinity pool at the Four Seasons Punta Mita

Gaining a competitive advantage has always been part of the hotel business, but as the number of properties worldwide continues to increase and marketing efforts such as "beachfront," "all-inclusive," and "luxurious" become diluted, resorts are now going to the next level in order to distinguish themselves from the pack. For example, this hotel in Peru hired help that will literally bend over backwards for its guests, and lord knows we've seen our fair share of interesting hotel packages.

Enter the latest move by the Four Seasons Punta Mita, who recently launched what we're calling water waiter pool service. That is, waiters who wade into the water so you don't have to leave the edge of the infinity pool to retrieve a fresh drink. The new service is like clockwork. Beginning at noon, these "amphibious waiters" suit up and make a delivery to swimmers every half hour, whether its a smoothie, coffee, or adult beverage.

Something similar is happening at the Jicaro Ecolodge in Nicaragua, where "water butlers" bring private meals via boat to couples on a small floating dock in Lake Nicaragua, which is the largest freshwater lake in Central America. This is a private event that guests reserve in advance, similar to private beach dinners found at resorts all over the world.

Floating dock with water waiter service at the Jicaro Ecolodge in Nicaragua

The FS Punta Mita platform, however, is totally focused on helping its guests master the art of doing nothing, and now swimming to the side of the pool to collect a new drink is even out of the question.

What do you think? Is this form of extreme service something that would entice you to stay, or is the hotel focusing its efforts in the wrong place?

We're thinking more along the lines of the latter, as moments where swimming to the side of the pool is too tall a task are few and far between for us. Now, if someone could come up with a way for us to go to the bathroom without getting out of the water, that'd be a different story.

[Photos: Four Seasons Punta Mita/Jicaro Ecolodge]

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