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After Almost 50 Years A New Hotel May Soon Be Saying 'Greetings From Asbury Park'

August 7, 2014 at 3:55 PM | by | ()

This former Salvation Army building is getting an extreme makeover, where a simple brick box gets a second life with new glass-walled areas on the first floor and a hot rooftop bar for you to enjoy your 'spirits in the night'

The famous, occasionally infamous, Jersey Shore got a shot of adrenaline with the announcement of the first new hotel in almost 50 years, opening in 2016 in iconic Asbury Park. Its exciting news and suggests that Asbury Park may be returning to its heyday as a popular resort destination on the Shore.

The yet-to-be-named boutique hotel is being developed by iStar Residential (division of iStar Financial) who have adopted an empty building and former home to the Salvation Army. Interesting, were seeing a trend in hotel conversions by salvaging the Salvation Army. Were tracking the progress of a second Ace Hotel in Manhattan, this one inside the former Salvation Army depot in the Bowery, and another similar (unnamed) hotel conversion may be in the works in Pittsburgh.

The design of the Asbury Park hotel is in the hands of the uber-talented architectural firm Stonehill & Taylor (S&T), based on the other side of the Hudson River. When it comes to renovations, S&T really nail it, so to speak, with seriously eye-pleasing New York area hotel conversions such as The Nomad and The Refinery.

Buildings typically associated with Salvation Army efforts are not often chock full of rich materials and intricate detailing. This can be a good thing, as these buildings offer a clean slate for designers to step in and do their thing. The rendering above already reveals a transformation from boring to big bang--and that's just the outside.

The plans are for 110 rooms, an outdoor pool, indoor and outdoor event space, and of course a bar and lounge on the rooftop. The hotel may not have a full kitchen (we're guessing due to lack of space) and guests can check out the local dining scene along the shore, as it was always intended.

According to Asbury Park Press, City Councilman John Moor chimed, I think the city needs at least this hotel and maybe another one, Sounds like a plan, keep us posted.

[Rendering: iStar Residential]

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