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How To Stay The Night In Paris For €1

Where: Paris, France
August 4, 2014 at 10:02 AM | by | ()

The problem with Paris isn’t the famously rude service. It isn’t the highly priced, indigestible food. It isn’t even the lines of tourists snaking round the corner at every vaguely visitable site. No, the problem with Paris is that you pretty much have to remortgage your house for every night you stay there.

That’s why we were so delighted with the arrival of citizenM – it may be at Charles de Gaulle airport, but on ne peut sniffer pas at starting rates of €67.15 ($90).

But now a group of five Parisian hotels has gone one better, with a temporary project called Payez Ce Que Vous Voulez – yes, really, pay what you want. Even if that’s €1 ($1.34). Think of it as a pop-up affordable Paris project.

The hotels are a clutch of three and four star properties in the Opéra district (pretty central, if not particularly beautiful), and according to their project website, you’re invited to evaluate their “welcome, quality of service, room comfort and decoration” and then pay up accordingly on departure.

Luckily, these aren’t gross three-star hotels we’re talking about – they’re the kind of fun-looking budget beds that we’d usually go for in Paris (the Plaza Opéra, the Villa Bohème, the Tour d'Auvergne, the Grand Hotel Français and the Villa Opéra Lamartine). And although we personally wouldn’t take them at their word and pay €1 (unless the service was particularly, ummm, Parisian), we’d go for well under €190, the rack rate at the four star property, Hotel Tour d’Auvergne.

Feeling particularly brassy? Do a good haughty resting face? Here’s the smallprint. The offer is only valid for one night, and it’s only available via the Payez ce que vous voulez website. The room will be a double one, but won’t include breakfast – they’re not that crazy. There’s also a cover-type charge of €17 which is non-refundable. Offer valid till 10 August *checks Eurostar prices*.

[Photo: Hotel Tour d'Auvergne]

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