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Hip Hotel Bars in Bordeaux and What to Order in Each

Where: Bordeaux, France
August 28, 2014 at 3:56 PM | by | ()

As you know, we like a good cocktail over here at HotelChatter so we’re always on the lookout for the best bevvie to order when we’re hoteling on the road.

Located right in the heart of things, Mama Shelter Bordeaux’s bar is one huge space resembling the basement rec room in your parent’s house when you were growing up but with more technology lying about. Wooden tables and chairs, wooden posts with screens attached to some of them to show off your digital pics, and a long wooden bar the size of Baja California, take up most of the space. The boho crowd is young-ish and, like the bartenders, ready to have fun. There’s a DJ on hand every Friday and Saturday night.

We had the Mama Tai for €14 ($18), which included rum, Cointreau, lime juice, sirop d’orgeat, and had a luscious black cherry garnish. Now, you can sip on that cocktail in the newly-opened rooftop bar/restaurant.

The bar at Hotel Burdigala, part of Accor’s MGallery collection, is a posh place without attitude. We saw some pretty beautiful people there but they were dressed down. You wouldn’t feel out of place in your fancy jeans and Banana Republic top, maybe with a scarf tossed just so.

The hotel is not right in the center, so it feels like a retreat of sorts, but it’s a short walk to the tram which takes you all the way down to the main square or the waterfront. The drink to order is the Burdigala for €12 ($16). It has vodka, Mandarine liqueur and apricot juice; it not only tasted good, but it matched the bar’s color scheme to a tee. There’s also a little courtyard off of the bar if you’d like some night air.

Hotel Seeko’o is found in a cool emerging area by the docks and wine hangars of Bordeaux. The hotel's outside is super-sleek in white Corian, while the bar is full of black-painted or red-lacquered tables and chairs, white sofas, and black walls with a 3D-like purple and orange feature wall. This is where you’ll tend to find the design- and architect-types of the city.

We asked the bartender to whip something up for us, and he came to the table with the Sorito, basically a Mojito made with Sauterne wine. You’ll have to ask for it – it’s €9,50 ($12) – and just note that if you’re expecting a lip-puckering lime Mojito, you’ll be taken aback, because the Sorito is sweet.

Stays start at €154 ($207) at Mama Shelter; €185 ($248) at Hotel Burdigala; and €141 ($191) at Seeko'o Hotel.

[Photos: Janice Tober]

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