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Ta-Ta Traders, Hello Jen Hotels!

September 2, 2014 at 4:43 PM | by | ()

Shangri-La Hotels is doing away with their business traveler brand, Traders Hotels, and replacing it with a newer, hipper, brand aimed at Millennials called, Hotel Jen. Here's what Jen is about:

The Hotel Jen brand is inspired by the virtual persona Jen, a professional hotelier who loves life, travel and the adventure of discovering new places. Hotel Jen takes care of guests with efficiency and care, while also giving them informed access to the best a particular destination has to offer.

Stress-free ease and simplicity will be reflected in the overall Hotel Jen stay experience through the informal and friendly check-in, stay, check-out and on-going contact. A sense of belonging will be reflected through a brand persona concept that positions guests as "friends of Jen," with a caring and respectful service standard communicated by staff in an enthusiastic, helpful and engaging way.

The Hotel Jen "informed and friendly" service style will also guide guests to the best of where they are, through local restaurant recommendations, under-the-radar sights and unusual boutiques. The Hotel Jen team will be a guest’s own personal local lifestyle guide.

(Note: Jen is not to be confused with Marriott's imagined Millennial traveler, Jia.)

So far, we're digging the clean and sophisticated design of the rooms but overall, it sounds a lot like all the other Millennial Hotels we've heard about before. The only difference is that Hotel Jen will be in Asia, starting with the Hotel Jen Orchardgateway, shown here, opening in Singapore on September 15. Nine more Jen Hotels will open in former Traders Hotels locations in Asia Pacific by March.

Jen will also have restaurants with a "focus on fresh local products" along with free coffee, snack boxes and the ubiquitous grab-and-go kiosks.

One thing that we do love about Jen, and every other Millennial hotel brand, is the importance placed on technology and WiFi.

Technology will also be key to catering to the highly social, young-at-heart traveler. Free WiFi everywhere, all the time, and convenient mobile charging stations throughout the hotels are few of the many features. Guest comfort and safety are an absolute priority and there will be no compromise on existing, high-quality standards.

MOBILE STATIONS FOR THE WIN. Every hotel should have these everywhere. Thanks, Jen!

Archived Comments:

So where are the tattoos?

Millennials.  Yeah.  Do they want to be tucked in at night, too?

*&!^ off Jen

I hate this. HATE it. I really liked Traders (the brand and the hotels). I would not want to book something called Jen. I can barely get over my distaste to book a Roommate hotel.

Can the whole world stop being cutesy, THANKS

I agree

I am starting to get sick of hotels that want to be your best friend. Even their website is all millennial-friendly now. Would like to see this trend go away soon.

Reheated concept from Shangri-La.

No one seems to recall that Shangri-La already tried the Hotel Jen concept about 7 or 8 years ago on Hong Kong Island, and changed it back to a Traders after it didn't work out.

The new website is appalling

So much for clean, crisp design.  I guess that's not millennial?


oh dear god. i wish you hadn't made me click.