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Another Wander-ful Hotel Is In The Works, This One’s In Sexy, Sunny Mallorca

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Another eye-catching, dreamy creation by designer Marcel Wanders, as seen in this guest room rendering. Pay close attention to the tree-like table lamp – you will see it again.

When the new Kahema Bay Portals resort hotel opens early next year on the popular island of Mallorca, it will be tough to decide whether the best views are towards the Puerto Portals Harbor and its killer yachts, or towards the hotel itself and its interiors. Either way we look at it – and we can’t stop looking at it—this is one of the hottest holistic health resorts we’ve seen in a long time, thanks in part to Dutch master Marcel Wanders.

This is one of three hotels under the Kameha luxury lifestyle flag, developed by Lifestyle Hospitality and Entertainment Management AG (LH&E), based in Switzerland. LH&E wanted a distinctive design team for their brand, and the pairing up of architectural firm Tec Architecture and Marcel Wanders Studio appears a natural fit. Wanders also designed the Kahema Grand Bonn (Karl-Heinz Schommer as architect) and the team is working together on a third hotel, Kameha Grand Zurich, due to open next year. Yeah, we’ll be looking at that one too.

For Kameha Bay Portals (the website also refers to Kameha Health Spa & Resort Mallorca,) the design concept revolves around the changing seasons and organic elements found in nature - just from a more futuristic, abstract perspective.

A standout feature of the hotel’s exterior is this dramatic waterfall starting from an infinity pool at the roof of the building, spilling into the swimming pool 65 feet below. WOW.

The soothing qualities of water surround the hotel, seen above is a contemporary lotus pond complete with on-pond cocktail seating, and illuminating jumbo balls of thread. Or rocks.

The hotel occupies a blah mid-century building for which Tec Architecture developed a clever and sustainable solution – cover it up and keep out the hot summer sun. Windows are screened with abstract impressions of seaweed, allowing for sun-catching patterns that change throughout the day.

This mesmerizing display really speaks to the collaborating talents of Tec Architecture and Marcel Wanders – the seaweed inspired ornamental grillwork plays games with our minds, not to mention the lighting.

Wander’s influence extends to the courtyard, featuring his sexy tree sculpture – this not your mother’s health spa, but it sure could be ours.

The interiors of the hotel will be bright, airy, and at times, spacey. Nature is represented in soft lines, curves and shapes (right angles are few and far between,) creatively mixed with simple, often futuristic furnishings and experiential accents.

At Kahema Bay Portals, bright white is the prime color of the day, with carefully selected accents reflecting a vibrant Spanish art and culture.

There will be 64 rooms and suites, designed for guest comfort whether summer or winter. Wanders' creative interpretation of the changing seasons is to change the colors and materials themselves. By using reversible rugs, drapes, and pillow covers, cooler palettes and sheer whites are featured in the summer, and warmer colors and woolens embrace the winter. How cool is that?

Kahema is about holistic health and medical wellness and will feature both internal and external spas, taking advantage of seasonal outdoor activities, centered around a Zen atmosphere. Marcel Wanders-style Zen, that is.

This guest room shows what you might see during the hot summer season – all light, white and breezy. You can see the cooling effects of the decorative window screening in the shadows on the wall. The window glass itself is a sophisticated design that augments the appearance of color between the seasons.

This rendering is similar to the white room above, fitted with warm colors and bold patterns, plus a few things that only Marcel Wanders could come up with. And we’re glad he did. [Renderings: Kameha Bay Portals]

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