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What's Worse Than A Peekaboo Bathroom? A Wet, Leaky Bathroom

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August 26, 2014 at 9:21 AM | by | ()

This looks like a nice bathroom, right? Granted, the toily is a little close to the shower, and we’d prefer a proper bidet to a hose that someone else might have done who knows what with, but overall it looks good. Props for the separate tub, sexy streak of brown marble and omg-yes-gimme-dat dinnerplate showerhead.

Except the hotel left out one thing. A panel of glass.

This was the tweet that alerted us to the problem recently, from friend of HC and intrepid traveler, Jonathan Khoo.

Yes, as much as we may bitch about peekaboo bathrooms, there is a worse bathroom sin, and that is the bathroom that leaks everywhere.

The culprit here is Le Royal Meridien in Abu Dhabi. As Jon tweeted, “If you shower it will get the area by the toilet wet!” Yes, and presumably the toilet paper, and any towels nearby, and the floor that you might want to walk on once you’ve got dried and dressed. Although Jonathan says he was “really careful not to splash around a lot” so the paper remained intact. Also, the bathroom was so big (it was a Deluxe Suite) that “you could do sink stuff without getting your feet wet again”.

Even so, why would you design this?

Wetroom aside, Le Royal Meridien is apparently “amazing” and also amazingly cheap – he stayed for $126.39 including taxes and got a free upgrade thanks to his travel companion’s status (where do we find a travel companion with status, please?).

But, depending on how much shower splashing you do, you may have to stump up for another round of bog roll.

[Photos: @Jonk]

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