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10 Ways to Do The SLS Las Vegas (Without Spending The Night)

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We've just taken you inside a World Tower room at the SLS Las Vegas but the beauty of this casino, and all casinos in Vegas really, is that you don't need to stay the night to take it all in. Here are 10 ways to see, like and savor the SLS Las Vegas without spending the night.

1. Werk Your Arrival: The grand entrance to the SLS is rather spectacular. After admiring the Philippe Starck-designed sculpture/caricature of SLS Hotels CEO Sam Nazarian out front, you walk through simple glass doors into an entryway that features a mirrored ceiling (perfect for #selfies!) and light-up floor squares which make you feel a little like Michael Jackson in the "Billie Jean" video. This "stage" of sorts then gives way to the casino floor. Overall, it just gives you a baller sense of arrival.

2. Gamble In Style: The casino is smaller than most Vegas casinos, but it's filled with shiny, new things like flat-screen TVs in the gambling pits and funky Starck-inspired figures atop some of the slot machines. There's also a throwback slot machine for the Sahara in the center of the casino if you're missing the good old days.

3. Treat Yo'self: Los Angeles retailer, Fred Segal, has seven separate stores spread throughout the SLS Las Vegas, ranging from clothes to shoes, jeans, jewels and even candy. You can also pick-up tons of SLS merchandise at the Etc. store, along with some (overpriced) basics. Can't find the perfect Vegas souvenir? Head across the street to Bonanza gifts instead.

4. Stuff Yo'self: One of the most exciting things about the SLS Las Vegas is the import all the way from the faraway land of Los Angeles of popular eateries like Katsuya, Cleo, Umami Burger, 800 Degrees pizza and The Griddle. SLS's culinary director, Chef Jose Andres, has also opened a Bazaar Meat restaurant as well as a Ku Noodle shop. Coffee and to-go food can be found at Perq, across from the check-in desk.

5. Go on a Monkey Hunt: Love monkeys? You're in luck. They're everywhere. The best place to go is obviously, The Monkey Bar, where black and white portraits of various simians dressed in suits line the walls. Sadly, we did not see any lady monkeys working their power pantsuits. VegasChatter has also spied monkeys elsewhere at the SLS.

6. Live Your LiFE.: This one is for all the club kids out there. LiFE promises "a rebellion against the social status quo through an unbridled celebration of sight, sound, scene and form". You can expect superstar DJs, a catwalk that wraps around the entire club, various sorts of performers and LED screens that will put other club screens to shame. But, be prepared to wait in line. Otherwise, pony up for the pricey bottle service.

7. Sniff the Wallpaper: Serioulsy. There's a column next to The Griddle Cafe that's wallpapered in scratch n' sniff dot candy wallpaper. It is the most amazing thing we've ever seen in a hotel. Although, in a few months we might have reservations about pressing our noses to the column. #handsanitizerisnotjustforhands

8. Vibe Acoustically in The Sayers Club: Because The Sayers Club is incredibly small space, we expect it to be very hard to get into, especially if musical acts are performing (That's Jojo above.) But if you can get in, you'll be treated to an extremely intimate performance from whichever artist is on the stage. Just remember, keep your hands to yourself. Unless you're trying to get in the good graces of the bouncer. Wink, wink.

9. Hang Out Outside, Unpretentiously: The Umami Burger outdoor is the most chill spot in the whole place. The patio, dubbed a Beer Garden, stretches along Las Vegas Boulevard with plenty of picnic tables and benches for everyone. Don't worry, master fan spritzers are turned on during the hot days.

10. People-Watch: No trip to Vegas is complete without a good people-watching session, and at the SLS, you should do that from the Center Bar. That way you'll see the folks coming and going, cheering and weeping over the table games, heading into restaurants and stumbling outside the nightclubs. You'll also be entertained by an LED screen above. We fell in love with this galaxy of stars that rotated overhead...with the SLS logo of course. In case you somehow forget where you are.

For even more on the SLS Las Vegas, head over to VegasChatter for their in-depth stories.

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Smelly Wallpaper

"It is the most amazing thing we've ever seen in a hotel."

That's kind of silly. Scratch N' Sniff wallpaper isn't even the most amazing hotel feature in Las Vegas...let alone the entire world.

las vegas memory my live

this my city born,this city never die http://belahanmemek.blogspot.com/ http://kaskus-thread.blogspot.com/

Scratch n' sniff wallpaper

But @Thackftl it IS amazing. Especially since I grew up loving scratch n' sniff stickers. But also, it's a really fun idea. It was easily one of the most talked about things at the casino.

Looks Tacky!!!

If scratch n sniff is a highlight of the new SLS, then it's doomed!
Looks pretty tacky to me. Juliana are you hoping for some free room nights or are you on the SLS payroll?

scratch n sniff

this will almost certainly make me go down in you guys' estimation but i too am extremely excited by the idea of scratch n sniff wallpaper.

although i am planning to go in september or october so i may not be scratching or sniffing by then. luckily i am really tall so hopefully there will be a clean bit left.