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Mandarin Oriental Paris Wants You To Selfie Your Way Around The City Of Light

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  Site Where: 251 Rue Saint Honoré, Paris, France, 75001
August 25, 2014 at 9:34 AM | by | ()

If you thought a designated selfie spot was as vain as things get, think again. Not to be outdone by the Athenians, the Parisians, those undisputed global masters of the pout, have come up with a “selfie package”. This has to be at somewhere millennial or ironic, right? Mama Shelter? Citizen M? Pas du tout! It’s at the Mandarin Oriental. Le selfie 'as well and truly landed.

The Selfie in Paris package nets you a room with breakfast, plus three hours in a private car – with driver and in-car WiFi. The hotel will also provide you with a list of the finest selfie backdrops in Paris, including “lesser known vantage points”, “romantic backdrops” and “other imaginative city sites that provide the perfect backdrop for self expression”.

Secretly thinking this sounds great but outwardly embarrassed about booking a package that’s all about vanity? Here’s your excuse. Any photos you upload on your journey from October to January that are taken at approved MO Selfie Spots, posted on social media and tagged appropriately (full details here) will be entered into a monthly competition to win a one night stay at the Mandarin Oriental.

So really, the Selfie in Paris package is just the cheapest way of staying, right?

Rates for the package start at €995 ($1313), and it’s valid 1 October through 31 January – although currently we can only see availability starting from 26 October. Yes, that price deserves a mon dieu – it is insanely expensive, but this is Paris we’re talking about, and the Mandarin Oriental. Considering a standard room with B&B costs €939 ($1239) on 26 October, we’d say it’s pretty good value (if you don’t want selfies, just use the driver to do your own thing for three hours).

Meanwhile, Paris as a city has come out in favor of selfies, asking couples to commemorate their trips on cameraphones, rather than by attaching padlocks to the Pont des Arts.

[Photo: Meg Jensen in Paris]

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