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4 European Health Retreats That Kate Moss Would Definitely Approve Of

Where: Europe
August 19, 2014 at 10:33 AM | by | ()

Zening, in Cyprus

You know a detox break is going to be too grueling for ordinary mortals when it sends a supermodel running for the hills before their stay is up; and by all accounts, that’s what happened when Kate Moss recently visited the LifeCo in Turkey (she apparently turned up drunk at Bodrum airport and jumped straight on an EasyJet flight back to London).

For once, there’s a brilliant rundown of exactly what to expect from the LifeCo in the Daily Mail (no, we can’t believe we said that either).

But if tongue scraping, a cryosauna (don’t ask) and The Angel (definitely don’t ask) seem a bit too intense, fear not. Here are four of our favorite detox places in Europe:

L’Albereta, a luxury hotel on beautiful Lake Iseo in Lombardy, has a Chenot spa (or Espace Vitalité Henri Chenot, as they call it), which provides medical-style health retreats, combining a detox menu with things like “bio-energy check-ups” and “phyto-mud therapy”. It doesn’t sound legit, but it gets rave reviews – a friend of a friend claims to have been correctly diagnosed with a tapeworm, just by the doctor looking at spots around her mouth. What’s better, the detox menu is no big sacrifice, since it’s catered by the hotel restaurant.
PRICE: A three-night “Summer detox” program costs €1250 ($1669) per person, excluding accommodation. Rooms start at €315 ($420), stay three nights and get one free.

It’s the preferred bootcamp of the TOWIE and British reality TV crowd – that’s basically all you need to know about No 1 Bootcamp. Operating various camps in the UK, Spain and now Morocco, you do military-style fitness exercises (and yoga) in a beautiful setting – think dragging boats along the beach and things like that – with a makeup-on-while-exercising, body-beautiful vibe (that’s the TOWIE girls mudwrestling in the picture above, for instance).
PRICE: A single ensuite room starts at £1995 ($3321) for one week in Ibiza, all in, though if you’re willing to share a yurt, it knocks it down to £850 ($1415).

Fierce Grace is one of London’s hottest yoga studios right now, and their yoga retreats in Turkey (and Italy, too) are the stuff of yogic legend. New venue The Pomegranate is near Olu Deniz, on Turkey’s Turquoise Coast. It already has history – Kate Moss stayed there in 2011.
PRICE: From £980 ($1630) for a weeklong retreat, all in (but excluding flights).

If you’ve never been on a health retreat, and you’re scared of being assailed/irritated by fitness freaks or yoga bores, Zening is the one for you. It’s a simple but pleasant hotel, perched on a bluff overlooking the glorious bay of Polis, in western Cyprus; and it just so happens to have a daily program of yoga, pilates, fitness, meditation and so on. Everything’s free, but nothing’s obligatory, so you can do as much or as little as you like. There’s no red meat and no hard liquor served on property, but feel free to go crazy with the fish suppers and vino; it’s also a mobile-device-and-kid-free zone.
PRICE: Rooms start at €130 ($173) per night, including breakfast and unlimited classes.

[Photos: Fierce Grace, No 1 Bootcamp, Zening Facebook, L'Albereta]

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