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Here's Your First Look at Mama Shelter Los Angeles, Opening Later This Year

Where: 1557 Wilcox Avenue [map], Hollywood, CA, United States, 90028
August 18, 2014 at 7:55 PM | by | ()

Mama Shelter in Bordeaux

There's been no formal announcement but there's been no secrecy surrounding it either. We're talking about the pending Mama Shelter Hotel for Los Angeles. See, it's right there on the Mama Shelter Twitter bio.

But aside from a LinkedIn job listing looking for a hotel restaurant and general manager, we were having a hard time uncovering the exact whereabouts of Mama Shelter LA. But today, we've found our Mama.

Previously, we've heard West Hollywood and Hollywood flung about as possible locations but those are two very different areas. West Hollywood is trendy and expensive. Hollywood is gritty chic and more affordable. Since the latter practically describes Philippe Starck's Mama Shelter concept to a T, we suspected that's where it would open.

We put in a request to our contact at Mama Shelter hotels on the exact location, but while waiting to hear back, our resourceful European editor uncovered this article. Even if you don't understand French, you can understand what it says.

Des négociations sont aussi en cours pour l'ouverture dans un ancien hôtel des années 1920, dans le quartier de Hollywood, à Los Angeles, «fin 2013».

So Hollywood, it is. And an old hotel from the 1920s too. But still, we wanted to know exactly where. So, we dug a little deeper.

We stumbled across this page for Serge Triganos & Sons, the developer behind the Mama Shelters, and saw a picture of "Mama Hollywood" (LOVE) with a Wilcox Avenue street sign. Then we Googled hotels near that address and both The Gilbert Hotel and the Mark Twain Hotel popped up. Later, we came across a Facebook page for John Kaliski Architects mentioning that the firm was tasked to renovate both of the run-down buildings. So we hung a virtual "Out to Lunch" sign on our door, grabbed our best fedora, hopped in the car and headed down Sunset Boulevard to scope out the scene.

When we arrived on Wilcox Avenue just north of Sunset, (which is Hollywood proper) we became confused. The Gilbert Hotel was undergoing some extensive renovations, while The Mark Twain was all but abandoned, save for some "We are undergoing renovations" signs on the front door. Neither looked like they could hold 70 rooms, a 160-seat restaurant and bar and a rooftop restaurant. The Gilbert looked nearly finished but didn't quite seem right.

Across from The Gilbert, on the west side of Wilcox, stood a larger building wrapped in whatever protective wraps buildings under construction require. But which building was Mama Shelter?

After we tried to get an answer out of the construction crews, we remembered this photo from the Trignos website.

Thus, we stepped back and looked at the intersection of Wilcox and Selma. That's when we realized the wrapped-up building is to become Mama Shelter. Once we got back in front of our computer, we confirmed that 1557 Wilcox Avenue is going to be a part of the Mama family, thanks to the name of the LLC that owns it--Mama Wilcox Land, LLC.

Now, here are more photos of it in all its glory.

The location is interesting, offering options for both new and old Hollywood. It's about three blocks from the Arclight Theater and just a block from the club du jour, The Sayers Club. Across the street, and likely viewable from the guest rooms, is the old school Hollywood Post Office. Next to the hotel on its southern side is the old Hollywood Citizen News building, where the newspaper was published from about the 1930s to the 70s. That was recently sold this spring but there's been no further word about what tenants will go inside.

Meanwhile, the LinkedIn job listing for Mama Shelter actually says the hotel will open in October 2014. Mon Dieu! That's like two months away. And still no manager?

We say end of 2014 is probably not going to happen. But we'll keep our fingers crossed. We can't wait to come to Mama.

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