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What Do Women Really Want (From a Hotel)?

August 15, 2014 at 8:29 AM | by | ()

What do women want? It’s the question that has, since the beginning of time, puzzled men, other women, Mel Gibson and more recently the Westin New York Grand Central. That pesky fairer sex. Why can’t they all just be the same?

We could go into that, of course, but we won’t. What we will do is take a look at what (some) women want from hotels. Of course, all women are different, and one lady’s hair straighteners can be another girl’s symbol of patriarchal oppression – but hopefully these might be a few pointers to any hotels who are trying to put together a non-offensive female-friendly package.

Here’s the gender-specific wishlist from the ladies of HotelChatter, plus a tidbit from superwoman super world traveler and CEO of Peek, Ruzwana Bashir:

702becca (Editor, VegasChatter): I would love it if hotels would add one dedicated children's channel to their 'complimentary' lineup. PBS is great if you catch it right but often you find yourself ordering a $20 movie just to keep your little one amused. Disney Channel, Nickelodeon, Nick Jr., Cartoon Network, I don't care which it is. Any would be a vast improvement.

Juliana (Managing Editor, HC): My #1 request is a well-lit full-length mirror that is on the wall proper, not on the closet door and not something that I have to move a piece of furniture to access. Aside from being able to see my entire outfit from head to toe, the mirror on the wall makes it easy for me to apply my eye-liner. Those magnifying mirrors in the bathroom don’t really do the job.

Janice (Contributing Editor, HC): I'm not a particularly vain person, but I would really like to have a female room service waiter deliver my food. It's already awkward standing in your robe while the waiter sets things up, and a female would just make it less so.

DesignMinder (Contributing Editor, HC): Seriously, if you provide an iron / ironing board in a hotel room, please make sure there is a place for it that does not require re-arranging the furniture, turning off a lamp, or any other suspect activity just to get to an electrical outlet.

Ruzwana Bashir (CEO, Peek.com): I would like bath products that you actually want to use (like shower gel that doesn’t smell like cheap aftershave, and conditioner that actually conditions); a decent hairdryer and the option to borrow hair straighteners for those of us ladies that need a little assistance to tame the mane; and a spa that stays open late.

Juliab (Assistant Editor, HC): Flippantly: sanitized hair straighteners and a mirror with access to natural light. Seriously, I'd like hotel staff to be better trained at dealing with women traveling alone - not just not reading out your room number, but training in how to behave sensitively and sensibly when problems arise. In the last couple of years, I have been a) called up from another room in the middle of the night and asked whether I wanted 'company' (Arkansas), and b) groped right outside my hotel front door (Marrakech). On both occasions, (female!!!) staff reacted by telling me not to worry, and to take it as a compliment. This is why some women are put off traveling alone, and it's also why I will never go back to either hotel.

Jetsetcd (Editor, Jaunted): A lit makeup mirror and room service options that are both light and filling - like a nice sandwich.

What else would you like to see in hotels? Chime in in comments below!

[Photos: Mel Gibson: SF Gate; Waitress: Domestiphobia]

Archived Comments:

Room service

Totally agree with female room service comment. I'm often put off ordering because I want to have a shower and relax, not wait in my clothes for room service man to appear.

Editor, Travel de la Creme

ditto room service

Agreed, female room service is the best idea - nothing worse than being exhausted and wanting a bath and not being able to (or racing to the shower in the morning to get dressed before their half-hour window starts)