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Now There's Walksource, In Case You Ever Get Walked Again

August 15, 2014 at 11:04 AM | by | ()

In a perfect world, this app shouldn't even exist. But alas, hotels are still guilty of "walking" their guests. Enter Walksource to help hotels do the walking much faster.

Here's how TechCrunch described the new software:

Part of the latest Y Combinator batch, WalkSource is a system hotels can purchase a subscription to in order to help them find available rooms in nearby hotels to quickly transfer customers to when they find themselves overbooked.

The software is in place at nearly 200 hotels the Bay Area. A typical "walk" now only takes 10 minutes. Here's a quote from a front office supervisor at a JDV Hotel that was posted on the WalkSource website:

This idea is genius! One of the hardest things to do is walk a guest, especially the call-around. I used Walksource tonight for the first time, and within 5 minutes I had 6 great options!

The subscription service fee for WalkSource is $200, which seems like a nominal fee to keep customers happy. Except, hotels shouldn't have to walk customers in the first place, especially not at luxury hotels.

We share the same sentiment of the TechCrunch writer who wrote that, "by making it easier for hotels to relocate customers, they might walk them more frequently." No and no. Even if the walk is a "good" experience, guests will always remember that hotel that didn't have enough room for them.

To find out more about what is "walking" and how to ensure it doesn't happen to you, read the article from our former front desk agent, here.

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