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Fingers Crossed For Andy Murray's Mum's Tennis Hotel In Scotland

August 14, 2014 at 9:52 AM | by | ()

It sounds like a brilliant idea – a tennis hotel for Scotland, to go along with all those golf hotels and hearty walker hotels, being backed by some of the country’s best professional sports people – but, sadly, it may not come to pass.

The Park of Keir development near Stirling wants to build a hotel and a “tennis and golf super-centre”, along with 100 homes – but hundreds of locals have objected to the plans. Perhaps the fatal flaw is that the two sportspeople backing it are golfer Colin Montgomerie and Andy Murray’s mum, Judy, who has committed the cardinal sin of doing a phenomenal job as a single mother as well as making a solid career for herself as a tennis coach on her own bat. How dare she want a hotel on top of that?

We jest, of course – environmental groups are complaining, so it’s a green belt issue. How about a compromise, guys – forget the houses and just build us a tennis hotel?

The current proposals (plan above) show a six hole golf course (scaled down from the original nine), 12 tennis courts, a hotel and café. According to local paper the Courier, it’s unlikely that the housing plans, at least, will get the goahead.

In the meantime, of course, you can stay at Andy Murray’s Cromlix Hotel, six miles away. Just go easy on the booze.

[Photo: The Courier]

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Sports Hotels are great for any community

I agree whole heartedly this is a great idea; it will create jobs and generate income for the local area. I have seen first-hand what a sports hotel can do for a community and it's a shame some people can be so short sighted. I hope Judy manages to get this over the line and show them all what a wonderful idea it is.
- www.prosportshotels.com