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There Will Be Plenty Of Golden Slumbers At W Bogota, Opening This Fall

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  Site Where: Bogota, Colombia
August 13, 2014 at 1:10 PM | by | ()

W Bogota is a bold and brilliant manifestation of the city’s diverse interplay of history and tradition, arts and culture, and the people and what they give to the local contextual landscape.

We recently shared the news of the upcoming W Bogota, due to open this fall (currently on the books for December 12). Yesterday, we were treated to a special (virtual) sneak peak of the hotel's standout design and quite frankly, we were blown away by what we saw. We'd like to say that they may have outdone themselves with this one, but then again this is what W Hotels is about – pushing the limits in contemporary hotel design but always with insight and purpose. In the case of W Bogota, add a fair amount of bling. But wait, we can explain.

The stellar design team both from W Hotels and New York based interior design firm Studio Gaia, spent a week in Bogota soaking in the local culture—social, physical and contextual— all of which would ultimately affect the design of the hotel. Bogota already has a vibrant mix of old and new in its growing skyline, so a W Hotel should both stand out and fit in. Precisely the point.

W Hotels’ philosophy, inherent in the design of each hotel, is that the interior environment be an extension of the culture it shares an address with, appealing to the locals alike. Nothing is random in the design of this hotel, everything has both context and intent – and did we mention bling?

The dominant historical reference that is reflected, literally, throughout the hotel revolves around the ceremonial coronation of ancient tribal rulers (referred to as “The Legend of El Rey Dorado”,) whereas the newly appointed king sits on a seriously dolled up raft surrounded in jewels, which are then offered to the gods in Lake Guatavita. It’s time to take up scuba diving.

One of the most prominent visual effects in the guest room is the sparkly, woven like canopy that wraps around the bed, symbolizing the ancient king’s raft ride to royal anointment

The W Bogota will offer 168 rooms, including the traditionally irresistible Extreme WOW Suite which we got a glimpse of. This is for all you modern day El Rey Dorados. The guest rooms, designed as private living rooms, have unique features including the open bathroom vanity with double sided mirrors, which can serve as an impromptu wet bar. Extreme WOW to that.

[Renderings: W Hotels]

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