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Sink Holes Appear Around Lotte World Tower & Hotel in Seoul

Where: Seoul, Korea
August 13, 2014 at 9:28 AM | by | ()

Lotte Hotels might come out on top in the race for the largest hotel suite in Moscow, but one of the group’s new hotels in hometown Seoul, South Korea, is having some start-up problems on its way to its topping out. We’ll explain.

Above is a shot of the tower – once finished the tallest on the Korean peninsula, outshining the Hotel of Doom, and sixth tallest building in the world – on the way to its projected 123 stories (556 – 1,824 ft) total height. Floors 86-119 are planned to have a luxury hotel. Construction has hit a snag with news of sink holes appearing around the tower, as well as a nearby lake mysteriously shrinking.

Opinions differ whether it is indeed the construction on the tower that is causing this, but the city of Seoul has denied approval to open a shopping mall connected to the tower, saying Lotte “needs to resolve traffic problems and improve safety at the construction site as well as disaster prevention plans”. A team of lawyers, engineers, architects, environmentalists, and university professors has been asked to provide their opinions on the construction site.

Once these issues have been resolved, everything from floor 70 and up still needs to be built, so we expect it to be a few more years before the hotel will open.

[Photo: Wikipedia]

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