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The 5 Worst Celebrity Hotel Guests

August 12, 2014 at 11:34 AM | by | ()

The types of crazy demands celebrities make when staying in hotels are tales as old as time, or as old as the hotel business. But requesting white tea candles and expensive linens are small-time compared to the outrageous behavior demonstrated by these 5 Worst Celebrity Hotel Guests. Here's who they are and why we hope they start using AirBnB more often:

LINDSAY LOHAN: Aside from ignoring a hotel's no-smoking rules, Lohan uses her guest room as a mini-storage space, carting in tons of clothing and jewelry that she probably won't wear but thinks she needs to wear to keep the paparazzi from catching her in the same outfit twice. Yet the smoke damage and the hoarding can be dealt with. Even the security logistics she requires can be managed. Lohan's biggest problem is that she doesn't have much money yet books suites at nice hotels and is known to run up the tab without ever paying it. And no hotel needs the "exposure" that badly.

JUSTIN BIEBER: Normally, we'd say Justin Bieber's biggest problem is the crushing crowds of fans he inevitably brings when staying at a hotel. But by gestures such as these, he can usually keep them at bay. However, Bieber no longer has the tween clout he once had and now he's more known for bringing an out-of-control entourage with him, rather than screaming girls. Most likely, Biebs and his homies will be drinking and "partying" in their hotel rooms and possibly, harassing annoying fellow guests from the balcony. On the flip side, Bieber can still pay his bill...for now.

TOM CRUISE: Most hotels would be happy to host mega-star Tom Cruise and we can't fault them for that. He's good-looking, he's rich, he's well-known and he has none of the bratty behavior of the previous two guests. However, his demands are other level. In Iceland, he had his team put black duct tape over the security cameras that led to his suite. In Croatia, he once asked a hotel to clear out their full restaurant so he could eat in peace. And while he was still with Katie Holmes, he requested hotels cut out tabloid photos of them looking in love and place them in frames throughout their hotel room. Um...let's hope someone on staff is an expert collage maker. You don't want to be glib about it!

CHARLIE SHEEN: Charlie Sheen will forever be in our hearts at the man who defiled The Plaza. But beyond that, he's typically checking in with some interesting ladies who like to make their presence known via Twitter. Fortunately, Sheen has calmed down with his hotel antics. A tabloid report once tried to call him out for trashing a hotel room but the hotel actually backed him up and said he didn't cause any trouble. Looks like "anger management" is working.

DENNIS RODMAN: In looking at his recent history as a hotel guest, we've come to the conclusion that Rodman really, really, REALLY hates hotels. How else to explain this? Or this? And this? And this. Don't forget about this and this. Now, if there's a hotel where alcohol isn't served, we think Rodman could do alright. Perhaps North Korea has one of those?

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