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Not Weird at All: The Millennium Boston is Taking Teddy Bears Out for a Picnic

July 9, 2014 at 6:10 PM | by | ()

“Ask Alfred.” What is it? It is an advice column penned by Batman’s butler? (“How do I get Catwoman’s litter stains out of my cape?”) Is it a post-Aughties revamp of a long-forgotten search engine mascot? (RIP.)

No (too bad!) and no (thank heavens). It’s a teddy bear.

Because tomorrow is Teddy Bears’ Picnic Day,, seriously, the Millennium Hotels and Resorts brand is seizing the moment to import its “Ask Alfred Children’s Concierge” to North American properties.

Already available in the UK, the “concierge” is a stuffed bear delivered to 2-12 year olds in an amenity-filled backpack that is also loaded with tickets, postcards, gummy bears and a crayon activity set. Each amenity package is $15, $2 of which is donated to Dream Factory, a nonprofit that grants the wishes of critically and chronically ill children.

To celebrate Alfred’s arrival, the Millennium Bostonian Hotel Boston (do they think we forgot where Bostonians live?) will host a special picnic on Thursday, July 10 from 4:30-6:30 PM. The fun includes appearances by two other famous bears, Build-a-Bear and Yogi Bear (Paddington’s invite got lost in the mail?), a magic show and teddy-bear filled dance performance, story time, picnic snacks and ice cream sundaes.

Each child will receive their own keepsake teddy bear, but attendees are also encouraged to bring a new bear to donate to Project Smile and the Boston Fire Department, who will get them in the hands of less fortunate kids.

It all sounds like a hoot, and with open, sleepy arms we welcome Alfred to our shores. All of us, that is, except Teddy Ruxpin, last seen placing a furious phone call to his agent to demand a deal with Starwood. #Drama

[Image: Ask Alfred amenity, courtesy of Millennium Hotels and Resorts]

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