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The Stolichnaya Building Will Become Four Seasons Moscow On October 30

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  Site Where: 2, Okhotny Ryad Str., Moscow, Russian Federation, 109012
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Does this building look familiar? It should, and not just to hotel geeks or fans of Stalinist architecture. In fact, this – the Hotel Moskva, which opened in 1935, is the building on the label of Stolichnaya vodka.

And now it’s about to find a whole new kind of fame as the Four Seasons Moscow. The hotel has just started taking reservations for an opening date of October 30.

This isn’t the actual Hotel Moskva, sadly – the original building was demolished in 2004, when authorities decided that knocking it down and building a replica would be easier than restoring the original. Completed in 2012, the gargantuan new building houses offices, apartments and a shopping mall (currently open) as well as the hotel. The location is fantastic – right by Red Square, bang on Ploshchad Revolyutsii (basically it’s overlooking the State Historical Museum, which forms the entrance to Red Square). Get a room on a high floor, and you should be able to see the onion domes of the Kremlin, straight opposite you (yes, the Kremlin has churches). Possibly even St Basil's Cathedral, over the shoulder of the museum, if you're on the right side, and high enough.

There will be 180 rooms over 15 floors, and Four Seasons promises that they’ll be amongst the largest in the city, with floor-to-ceiling windows and the odd balcony making them seem even larger. The two restaurants will eschew traditional Russian food (shame) in favor of Italian (Quadrum) and, bizarrely yet intriguingly, “Russian Nordic” at Bystro. There will be two bars – Moskovsky and the lobby Silk Lounge, a glass-roofed lap pool with a café beside it, and a spa with a Russian-inspired menu. Banya, anyone?

Not too many renderings to give us an idea of style just yet, but the rooms look contemporary but classic, with fancy carpets and egg-shaped tubs pepping up nice-if-slightly-bland rooms and marble bathrooms.

Rooms start at an astonishingly high RUB34,000, or $988, for a deluxe room without breakfast on opening night, dropping to RUB28,500 ($828) for a Sunday in chilly November. As a comparison, the nearby Ritz-Carlton is charging RUB28,500 on October 30, and a mere RUB16,500 ($480) in November.

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