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This is What You Get For $39 a Night in Hanoi

Where: 6 Hàng Bút, Hanoi , Vietnam
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When it comes to the price of lodging, it doesn't get much cheaper than Hanoi, especially if you're a backpacker and are doing the hostel thing You can find shared rooms for as low as a few dollars a night, and rates for private rooms around the city start in the teens and usually include a free breakfast.

On our recent trip to Vietnam's capital, we "splurged" on a "high-end" budget hotel called the Art Trendy Hotel, located in the heart of the Old Quarter, renting a room for $39 a night. In the States, that kind of money won't get you very far, barely enough for a room at the Motel 6. But in Hanoi, $39 a night went a long way. The name might need work, but the Art Trendy delivered big bang for the buck.

Our room, along with the entire hotel, was first and foremost extremely clean and well kept. We stayed in a standard room, but the hotel also has family suites available for the same price. They have just a little more space with a sitting area.

A free hot breakfast is included in the rate of the room. You can choose from about a dozen menu items, including the local Pho, an English breakfast, and American pancakes. There is also a buffet spread with fresh fruit, coffee, yogurt, and juice.

Other amenities - things you could only dream about at a budget hotel elsewhere - included free in-room Wifi, in-room laptop, complimentary daily fruit plate, and free printer access. The in-room computer is definitely a nice touch, allowing you to leave your heavy laptop at home when traveling all the way to Southeast Asia.

The Art Trendy goes even further in establishing a feeling of comfort with a welcome cocktail, turn-down goodies, and a staff that isn't afraid to circle their favorite places on your map.

It's not the prettiest bathroom in the world, but who would expect rainshower spickets?

Another great aspect of the Art Trendy was a minibar that you could actually afford, highlighted by 50 cent bottles of water and snacks.

If your backpacking days are behind you but you still consider yourself a budget traveler, the three-star Art Trendy Hotel might be right up your alley. Wondering what a five-star hotel would run you in Hanoi? Tomorrow, we'll take a look inside the city's lavish five-star property.

[Photos: TripAdvisor/Will McGough]

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