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France Has A New Royal Couple At Hotel Le Bristol

August 1, 2014 at 9:26 AM | by | ()

The look of amour

Their eyes met across a crowded hotel lobby. He was caught in a slough of depression. She was the kind of girl who likes to rescue her men. The moment they saw each other, they realized they were meant for each other. They would treasure Le Bristol forever, for bringing them together...

At least, that’s the narrative we’re giving to the happy couple currently installed at the Hotel Le Bristol in Paris. Feline couple, that is. Over the last week or so, according to the hotel’s laying-it-on-with-a-trowel Facebook page, Fa’aron, the Bristol’s resident cat, has been feeling down. They tried to cheer him up at the spa, in the garden, at the bar, in a ****** hotel room. He remained depressed. Qu’est-ce qu’on peut faire?

Ah oui. Cherchez la femme!


So bienvenue to the Bristol Kléopatre, a white Birman female to Fa’aron’s white Birman male. It’s something of a whirlwind romance, because they’ve already shacked up together in their special street artist-designed cat apartment within the hotel. She’s also wangled some jewelry out of him: a leather collar with a bespoke silver tag to match Fa’aron’s. Very old school – by the sounds of it, she’s probably renounced her maiden name, too.

Regardez ce chemistry! Let the Royal Baby Watch commence immediately.

[Photos: Hotel Le Bristol]

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