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The Only Thing Better Than A Soho House Hotel: A Soho Farmhouse Hotel

July 31, 2014 at 8:30 AM | by | ()

Just when you thought Soho House was all about quietly colonizing the world, with Chicago on track to open next month, comes the welcome news that it’s not neglecting its origins. No, not the forthcoming City of London property, but something much better – another English country house hotel to rival Babington House.

It’ll be called Soho Farmhouse, and it’ll be a new-build hotel (on the site of a current farm) near Great Tew, in Oxforshire (20 miles north of the dreaming spires). According to the plans, which have been approved, the development will consist of 30 “guest cabins”, a gym, two yoga and pilates studios, and two pools, inside and out. The Times adds that the cabins will be timber, and that there will be a bar, restaurant, farm shop, tennis courts and “boathouse” pool area, too. Soho House has shared a rendering on Twitter of that boathouse area, calling it an “indoor-outdoor infinity pool, set within a lake.”

They also tweeted a plan of the site. By the looks of it, it’s going to be a huge estate, with a central complex housing the public areas, and cabins spread out around the grounds. Sounds heavenly.

No hint of a timeline yet, but since they need to demolish the farm and build from scratch, it’ll be a while. We’ll keep busy by fantasizing about unlimited full-size bottles of Cowshed toiletries.

[Renderings: Soho House Twitter]

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