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Whiteout Is Art at Palace Hotel Tokyo

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A casual glance at the above photo of the lobby at Palace Hotel Tokyo shows a number of things: gleaming grey marble, moss-green carpet and bench, painting, flower arrangement, chandeliers.

The painting isn’t the only piece of art in the photo though, with the white wall behind reception revealing its secret as you get closer: it isn’t just a white wall, it’s a whiteout wall. More specifically, it is a mixture of artificial marble, crystal powder, and whiteout correction fluid (!) brought together to depict endangered species of Japanese flowers. Talk about symbolism – a close up just below.

Who knew whiteout could create something so pretty? In the hands of the right person of course, which for this piece, titled Echoes – Crystallization, is Japanese artist Shinji Ohmaki.

The art on display throughout the hotel is rather stunning, with a total of 720 works, all curated based on the concept of “The Palace Garden – Inheritance and Innovation”. This link between history and future, tradition and modernity can be found both inside and around the hotel: the Imperial Palace versus the Marunouchi business district, the hotel as it was before to what it looks like today. The full detail can be found on the dedicated art website, something not many hotels can claim to have.

Above two untitled pieces by Huang Yuan Qing, found just to the left of reception. Below a few more shots.

Probably one of our personal favorites: Himaku / Sunflower, by Masahito Katayama.

Makuai by Masumi Nakaoka.

Layer-B by Yuji Sakai; painting in the first photo Manmen by Takehiko Sugawara.

Rooms at Palace Hotel Tokyo start just under JPY50,000 ($500), excluding tax and run up to JPY100,000 ($10,000) for top-end suites.

Disclosure: JasonD paid a media rate of $285 plus tax [Photos: JasonD for HotelChatter]

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