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Which One of the Four Seasons Do You Heart The Most?

July 29, 2014 at 11:56 AM | by | ()

Bathrobes at the Four Seasons Los Angeles.

We've talked about our favorite and least-favorite W Hotels, Kimpton Hotels, Sofitel Hotels, Andaz Hotels and the Le Meridiens.

Today, we're taking stock of the changing seasons...Four Seasons Hotels, that is.

With Four Seasons making expansion a top priority in the next years--the Four Seasons Orlando will open this weekend while Four Seasons Dubai is now taking reservations for December--it's a good time to take stock of what Four Seasons has done right, and where they still need some improvement. In other words, what to do and not to do with future Four Seasons Hotels.

Is it more "extraordinary experiences"? More beer massages? More locally inspired workouts? You tell us!

List your favorite and least favorite Four Seasons Hotels in comments below! Or holler at us on Twitter!

Archived Comments:

My fave and least fave

My favorite is Denver.  Really cool, modern hotel with friendly and competent service and a great bar.  I also like the Chicago Four Seasons following a modernizing renovation a while back.

My least favorite is Philadelphia, which wiill close in 2017 to be replaced by a snazzy new one atop the second COmcast tower.  The current one is like staying at your very tidy great aunt's house.  The safes are too small for an iPad, let alone a laptop.  Whoever takes over after 4S needs to gut it.


FS Sharm El Sheikh is one of my top 3 hotels anywhere - it's absolutely stunning.

In general, I like that they make a bit more of an effort than some other chains to be sensitive to their surroundings (Sharm and Milan for example) but, other than Sharm, I'd like it if they went further. You can personalise a hotel to make it very much of its location, without losing the FS standards or branding. FS Sultanahmet in Istanbul for example has amazing potential (old building, amazing location) yet when you walked in, it could have been anywhere.

Disclosure: I am generally quite biased against chain hotels for this exact reason. If I go somewhere, I want to stay somewhere that REALLY lets me know where I am.


Oh, and less marble in general. FS Chicago has too much marble for me. Also, no to floral carpets, even 'modern' ones

FS Maui

I've not stayed in many Four Seasons hotels, although I tour them quite a bit. But recently at the Four Seasons in Wailea, Maui I was super impressed with their kid-friendly amenities, even in the public areas. At the Duo restaurant there, they had stackable toys for kids to play with at the table, along with crayons and paper and kiddie utensils. In the bathroom, they even had step stools for the kids to use.

And I love the FS in LA on Doheny. It's just so well-done. I had a great pre-natal massage there and I love Culina. It's like the one restaurant in that part of LA that I know is always going to be great.


Choosing one favorite is hard. Gresham Palace in Budapest I loved, I stayed there six years ago (yikes) and still talk about it. The architecture, the restoration, the service, the spa, it all worked.

FS on Doheny I will second. I'd go back there in a heartbeat. FS Bangkok the same.

Flip-side: the standard rooms at the FS Sydney are small and underwhelming; they'd have to combine two into one to get to the space of one room at Doheny. The pool experience at Doheny is also on a different planet, so much better.


There are lots of beautiful hotel so it is hard to choose.

Best and Worst

Just returned from the FS Los Angeles and had an amazing time.  The staff was really the best part of the stay, but the surroundings were a close second.  Other highlights would be Santa Barbara, Nevis and especially New York.  All Four Seasons properties offer their own special touches.  The Four Seasons Philadelphia may have old rooms, but the staff there is outstanding and offers the best attention to detail in the city.