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Plastic Tea Cups Are The Way Forward For An OCD-Free Stay

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July 21, 2014 at 8:25 AM | by | ()

If you’re anything like us, you will frown at this picture of the set up of the “tea and coffee-making facilities” in our room at the Atlas Hotel in Brussels. You will raise your eyebrows, sigh ‘this is exactly what I stooped to when I booked a three star hotel’ and wonder how on earth one is meant to raise one’s pinky when drinking from a plastic teacup.

But then you will realize the genius of the Atlas Hotel’s tea and coffee-making facilities set up. Because it is the set up of dreams for hotel germaphobes. If you have any level of OCD, or worry about housekeepers cleaning mugs with spit/mirror cleaner/nothing, it is for you. Because these cups are replaced – new – after every use.

We tested it by using one cup for water, one for tea. We chucked the tea cup in the bin, and left the water one on the table. Housekeeping replaced both with shiny new ones.

Now if they can only do something similar for remote controls, our stay will pass unencumbered by hygiene paranoia.

Rooms at the Atlas start at €79 ($107) on their current summer promotion.

[Photo: Juliab]

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That is comforting considering the horror stories that have been flung around the internet regarding housekeeping cleaning cups and glasses. But it's still plastic and it feels like a cheap experience. Also, probably not environmental-friendly.