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The Ever-Expanding Burgenstock Resort Will Have 3 Hotels When It Re-opens in 2017

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  Site Where: Burgenstockstrasse, Burgenstock, Switzerland, 6363
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Nestled 1600 feet up from the shores of Lake Lucerne in Switzerland, a luxury resort is recreating itself--The Burgenstock Resort, scheduled to re-open in 2017. When all is said and done, there will be three hotels: The Burgenstock Hotel; the circa 1906 Palace Hotel; and the Waldhotel, a medical wellness destination. Add to that a spa the size of a football field, a conference center, residences, and several dining options.

The Burgenstock Resort is being developed by Katara Hospitality, who are also presently transforming the Royal Savoy Lausanne. Katara has again retained London-based MKV Design to take on the interiors of the Burgenstock Hotel, as well as the Palace Hotel renovation and the mega Alpine Spa. Right now, we're getting an early look at the Burgenstock Hotel.

The Burgenstock Hotel is not easily recognizable as a hotel. Conceived by Lucerne-based Russli Architekten GA in a design competition for the resort, the hotel sits on on the edge of the slopes abutting Lake Lucerne. Access couldn't be more convenient than from the Burgenstock Railway that runs along side the hotel, connected by a dramatic terrace. Walls are clad in stone, and large glass windows frame the views and let the sun shine in. No fuss, no muss in ornamentation.

MKV’s renderings show a great balance between the strong exteriors and the hotel’s sexy interiors. Public spaces feature classic and curvaceous modern furniture, lighting fixtures that look nothing like lighting, and natural materials, such as polished stone and wood. The floor to ceiling windows give immediate connection to the outdoors and at this position above the lake, might feel similar to a penthouse of a high-rise city hotel.

There will be 100 guest rooms and suites, which we might refer to as "luxury organic" with high-end natural materials, furnishings and color tones compatible to the Swiss surroundings, and large window seats to take it all in. A nice detail is a (glassed in) fireplace between the bedroom and bathroom.

Here’s a glimpse of what we can expect to see from way up the central Swiss mountainside.

Could this be the new face of modern Swiss hotel design? Well, this one really sits well on the slopes above the Lake, with a railway running right through it.

We're not sure what to make of the suspended lighting in this image, though we think it may represent rock crystal, or some wintertime reference. Definately cool.

Lots of interesting details in the hotel's restaurant, especially at the ceilings.

So much to like about the guestrooms - the desk made from a single slab of stone (or wood), lighting only where you need it, and one of the better ways to display a flat screen TV.

This is what the penthouse suite might look like, which the architect was reportedly inspired by James Bond. Why not?

[Renderings: Burgenstock Resort]

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