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Kimpton No Longer 'InTouch'; Introduces New Kimpton Karma Rewards Program

July 16, 2014 at 10:50 AM | by | ()

Kimpton Hotels has been dropping hints via email to its InTouch members for a little while now about upcoming changes to their loyalty program and today, the bomb has been dropped. But instead of an explosion, the change is setting off random acts of Kimpton kindness.

The InTouch loyalty program will now go by the name KIMPTON KARMA REWARDS. Oh, Kimpton!

First off, let us reassure you that you will still get free WiFi and a $10 minibar credit during every stay, just by being a member of InT...er, Karma Rewards. However, what is changing is how you can earn points and the ways extend far beyond just booking a room and dining at a Kimpton restaurant.

You can earn Karma by booking directly through Kimpton's newly designed website, by Tweeting or Facebooking your stay or even by hotel employees noticing your good behavior during your stay. While these deeds won't necessarily earn you comp rooms--you still need seven stays or 20 nights to earn a free night--you will get noticed for your Kimpton love beyond the booking transaction. And a question in the program's extensive FAQ section that says just that:

I wasn't even staying with you last week and my tier meter advanced. How’d that happen?
Random acts of Kimpton can happen at any time and for a whole bunch of reasons. That’s the mystery of how Kimpton Karma Rewards works.

While tier advancement won't happen all the time, you can earn other smaller rewards for your favorable-to-Kimpton behavior. Let's just hope it doesn't work the other way if you do something bad. #thattimewebrokeavaseinahotelroom.

The program also created four tiers of membership. Tier 1 is for folks who join up and complete one stay. Tier 2 is for three stays or 10 nights, Tier 3 is seven stays or 20 nights and the Inner Circle tier is for folks who do 14 stays for 40 nights. Your benefits increase as you move up the tiers, starting with a $30 room credit at Tier 2, late check-out priority at Tier 3 and a complimentary night at new Kimpton Hotels once you've reached the Inner Circle. (You'll also get a direct line to the Kimpton CEO. For real!)

In short, it might take us a little while to get used to the new Karma versus the old InTouch but we're very pleased with the site's redesign (which extends to all of KimptonHotels.com) and given how social media obsessed we are, it looks like we might be able to advance faster up the ranks, or at least get more perks, for doing so.

What do you think of Kimpton Karma Rewards? Sound off in comments below!

Archived Comments:

So Many Questions...

Will reward stay availability become more plentiful.  In the last year Kimpton reward avails have gone, how do you say, airline like?

Will you still get a suite upgrade when available?  This was always a welcome/awesome perk that set Kimpton apart.


It is going to take me a while to get use to the new site.  Seems really difficult to find when rewards stays expire.  While this would not have been an issue years back (Kimpton was so great about extending reward stays) it has become a big issue these days.

Some answers

Went down through the FAQ on the site and found these answers. Does this help? I am not a very frequent guest of Kimpton so I think the program changes are really to entice the newbies to join up and visit Kimpton. Anyways, here's what I found on Kimpton Karma Rewards:

Q: How long is a complimentary reward night valid?

A: They are valid for one year from date of issue. Rewards that were issued prior to July 18, 2013 are valid for two years. See Terms & Conditions for more information.

Q: I wasn't able to travel much this year and my reward is almost expiring. Can I get an extension?

We hear you. However, to keep things fair to all members, we do not offer extensions. That doesn't mean that your friends and family members can't benefit! You can always transfer your rewards to someone else who might be able to use it.

Some more answers

Q: Why do I see room availability on the website however when I call to redeem my reward, I am told the hotel is sold out?

A: Free night rewards are good for one deluxe category room. If a hotel has a deluxe category room available then a reward can be redeemed.It could be the case that a suite or other category room are the only categories available.

Q: Why do I see room availability on the website, but when I call to redeem my reward, I'm told that there are no available reward nights?

A: Hotel availability is different than reward availability. All of our hotels have a set amount of reward inventory for each night.