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5 Things Everyone Does in the Hotel Lobby But Won't Admit

July 14, 2014 at 12:35 PM | by | ()

You've all copped to doing at least a few of these scandalous things in your hotel room but staying in a hotel room is only one part of your stay. Your shenanigans also extend downstairs into the hotel lobby. So here are 5 Things People Do in a Hotel Lobby But Won't Admit.

1. Flirt With Escorts: You may not have known they were working women/men (or maybe you did) but if your story starts with something like this, "I couldn't believe it but the hottest girl/guy came up to me at the hotel bar and started flirting with me!" then you've just been seduced by a professional.

2. Charge Drinks at the Lobby Bar to a Random Room: Whether you're a Frank Abagnale, Jr type or you're a sociopath down on you're luck or if you're just curious if it could work, you've at least tried to give a random room number to the bartender. It's harder to do that these days thanks to technology yet it could still work at smaller, older hotels. But if they ask for the last name on the room, you're screwed.

3. Conduct Shady Business: A lot of strange, shady business goes down in hotel lobbies from politicians taking cash bribes and businessmen threatening er, reasoning with their partners to more sinister dealings like murder-for-hire plots. Yet the hotel lobby is the perfect sort of place for this--it's in public, but not too public, there's usually comfy seating and most importantly, a bar to wash away any nerves.

4. Scream at the Front Desk: It could have been because you're room wasn't ready. Or if could have been because they overcharged you on the check-out folio. Of you could have just been a pompous asshat, demanding an upgrade simply because you have an Amex card (bonus points if you throw a Black Amex card at the front desk agent and ask them if they even know what it is. True Story.)

5. Drop a Deuce in the Lobby Bathroom: You did it, just admit it. Especially if your room upstairs didn't have a bathroom fan.

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