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One Island, Two Suites, One Amazing New England Lighthouse Inn

July 11, 2014 at 10:30 AM | by | ()

Home, sweet, holy crap we're in the middle of the ocean this is freaking awesome.

Does your idea of the perfect getaway involve the lapping ocean, the fresh sea air, and as few meddlesome other human beings as possible? We’ve found your dream vacation spot.

Suite. Sweeeeet.

Behold the just-opened Inn at Cuckolds Lighthouse, a two-room respite located on a craggy island off the coast of Maine. Yes, you heard right: the inn, part of a century-old lighthouse in the middle of Boothbay Harbor, only holds two accommodations — an East Suite and a West Suite.

Rates for each are $350/night from Sunday through Thursday, $500/night on Friday and Saturday; you can also enjoy a private island buy-out for $1250-$1500 per night, so you won’t even have to share the plush common spaces: a parlor of whitewashed oak and a New England country kitchen with coffered ceiling and wood-burning fireplace.

The kitchen. Hungry?

The parlor, where even the most grizzled sea captain would be all, "Maybe I'll have a nice martini."

This summer is the first time that the renovated lighthouse-turned-inn is open to the public, and solitude is its main appeal. You’ll travel 20 minutes by a 26-foot, restored Navy Whaleboat to reach the island. (You can also arrange to moor your own boat, if you swing that way.)

After that, your island-hopping excursions to restaurants and whatnot must be separately arranged – if you even care to mosey. Otherwise, kick back and enjoy daily breakfasts and afternoon tea with snacks provided by the innkeepers; your other meals can be ordered to enjoy on the island for additional fees.

They say "no man is an island." But man, we could get used to this.

[Image: The Inn at Cuckolds Lighthouse]

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