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Peninsula Hotels Launch 'Peninsula Academy', A Series of Immersive Adventures

June 9, 2014 at 1:32 PM | by | ()

Travel is a chance to educate yourself about global destinations. How do native foods manifest in room service? In what way does the local political climate affect the hardness or softness of a mattress? And most importantly, how do you say, “A little lower, please” in various native tongues? (Cultural competency is very important in spa visits.)

Okay, we kid. But really, when you finally wander outside the confines of your plush hotel, you want to make sure you maximize your vacation time with at least one uniquely immersive experience. So today the Peninsula Hotels launch the Peninsula Academy, a “summer collection of exclusive experiences” that bring some over-the-top (but extremely cool) guest opportunities that are tailored to each hotel location.

Heading to the Peninsula Shanghai? Hop in a Rolls-Royce for a traditional Chinese breakfast and meeting with red-hot young fashion designer Lu Kun. Visiting the Peninsula Beijing? Take a private tour of the Shu Fang Zhai Temple, a private part of the Forbidden City otherwise inaccessible to the public, followed by a traditional Chinese tea ceremony.

Explore the coastal mangroves on an “eco-adventure” at the Peninsula Bangkok, hop in a helicopter at the Peninsula Manila for a “pearl safari” in the Palawan Sea with a luxury jewelry house, or go oystering in the Great South Bay (with a dockside gourmet dinner) at the Peninsula New York.

Each experience also includes a "unique keepsake." And that's not counting the memories. (Cue: Sitcom-style "Aww!") Soon you'll be able to check out the full list of Academy opportunities here.

[Photos: Peninsula Hotels]

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