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What's the Difference Between Ocean Club East and West on Turks & Caicos?

Where: Grace Bay, Provo, Turks and Caicos
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View of the beach from Ocean Club West

If there's one thing to know about the island of Providenciales (Provo) on Turks and Caicos, it's that it's a place where you will quickly master the art of doing nothing. Most hotels are situated on Grace Bay at the northeast corner of the island, and while there are a few shops and restaurants to explore, there's truly not much else going on. This is why choosing a comfortable place to call home on the island is so important - you'll be spending a lot of time there.

We recently stayed at the Ocean Club Resort West, perched up in a third-floor, ocean-view suite. Just a 15-minute walk (or 5-minute shuttle ride) up the beach to the north is Ocean Club Resort East, the sister property of the West. Guests can come and go between, charging to their rooms at either. But how are they different, and which is for you? Read on to see the breakdown of the two resorts.

Property grounds of Ocean Club West

Property: The buildings and rooms of each property are similar in style, but the West is younger, having been built in 2001. The East was built in 1988 and renovated in 1997. In terms of the layout of each property, you can see illustrations here. Notice how the pool is more of a central feature of the West, while a large, expansive garden is dominate in the East. The East has two smaller pools, one located on either side of the garden.

Food: Both have an oceanfront/beachside bar and restaurant, the Cabana Grille in the East and the Seaside Cafe in the West. The restaurants are very similar, serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner, including specialty menus, such as "conch night" (we recommend seafood all the way). Centrally located offsite between the two properties is Opus, by far the most luxurious and upscale dining experience at Ocean Club Resort. The on-property restaurants are casual - shorts are fine - but you'll want to don some khakis and order a glass of red wine at Opus.

Property grounds of Ocean Club East

Accommodations: We toured the rooms of both, and can say that while they are very similar, the West is just a tick fresher due to it being newer. Units range from studio to three-bedroom, but all have ample living space and full-size kitchens, including standard refrigerator, oven, stove top, cabinets, dishware, appliances, and an abundance of counter space. To get a sense of the size, studios are 400 square feet and the three-bedrooms are 2,126 square feet. The one, two, and three bedroom units all sport screened-in balconies, some as big as 250-square feet. That's, um, huge.

Price: Despite being so closely related, the starting rate at the two properties differs by over $100/night, which we simply attribute to the fact that Ocean Club West is newer. Rates for the Ocean Club East start at $229/night while Ocean Club West starts at $345/night.

Three Bedroom Suite at Ocean Club West

Activities: You can find a lounge chair at either location (like we said, you'll be doing a lot of nothing), but if you do feel the need to get up and do something, both properties have you covered with a fitness center and tennis court. The watersports center is located at Ocean Club East, though, if you want to sail or SUP. If surfing the Web is more your style, both offer free Wifi in the rooms.

Our Pick: Because the resorts and rooms of the East and West are so similar, and because we found we spent most of our time either on the beach or on our balcony, we think you should save the $100 price difference for food and beverage and make your home at the East. As noted, the West is a little newer, but we don't see the upgrade as being worth $100, especially considering both properties are continuously renovated each year (they both close for about a month in Sept-Oct). We also liked the central feature of the gardens of the East over the pool of the West - it simply felt less contrived - and having the watersports desk on site is convenient.

Full kitchen at Ocean Club Resorts

Will was on assignment for another publication when staying on Provo, but all opinions are his own

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