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Which Luxury Brand Will Open in Hamburg--Peninsula or Shangri-La?

Where: Hamburg, Germany
June 6, 2014 at 11:11 AM | by | ()

There's a mystery building in Hamburg, Germany. A historic building that used to house the city's tax authority is receiving some interest from a Hong Kong based hotel group. But which one? Well, that's the mystery. Fortunately, we have some clues.

This German news report asks, "Wird es ein Peninsula Hotels oder Shangri-La Hotels ?"

According to the report, the building, built in 1907, will offer 147 hotel rooms once it goes through its massive renovations, to the tune of 50 million Euros. An investor in the property told another newspaper that the hotel will be managed by a hotel operator based in Asia, which could be either Peninsula or Shangri-la.

Peninsula Hotels are getting ready to open their newest property in Paris but that doesn't mean they don't have European expansion on their mind. Same goes for Shangri-La which finally opened the Shangri-La at The Shard in London. What better way for both hotel brands to keep the European momentum going by snapping up this cool, historic property in Hamburg? Hopefully, we'll have an answer in the next few weeks (or maybe earlier.)

Which brand do you think will win out in Hamburg--Peninsula or Shangri-La? Put your guesses in comments below!

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They are more aggressive in their global expansion plans.  Are we ruling out Mandarin Oriental entirely?

The Peninsula Hotels

The oldest style of the building and the location in Hamburg, let me think that this project is on The Peninsula Hotels.
Mandarin Oriental has already a hotel in Munich and Shangri-la should choose also Munich...