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Love Chocolate? Try A Full Body Rubdown, Says The Hotel Sacher

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June 5, 2014 at 10:03 AM | by | ()

If you thought life couldn’t get sweeter than yesterday's chocolate tastings at Jade Mountain, think again. Specifically, think of Vienna’s legendary Hotel Sacher.

The hotel is, as the name suggests, where the Sacher Torte cake was invented, and as such there’s a subtle-yet-classy chocolate theme in the hotel, from the inroom toiletries to the spa and its signature Time to Chocolate treatments, using the Sacher’s own line of chocolate beauty products, made from the same cocoa beans as the chocolate icing for their Sacher Torte. And yes, they smell divine.

There are four treatments to choose from, starting from A Symphony in Chocolate, which lays on a steam bath, cacao bean peeling massage, chocolate body mask and a final chocolate massage over a 110-minute period. The other three - A Dream of Chocolate, A Taste of Chocolate, and A Sensation of Chocolate - are 60-minute combinations of two of the Symphony’s elements: so scrub and body mask, scrub and a chocolate rub down, and body mask, scrub and chocolate body care.

We actually tried the Taste of Chocolate (scrub and body care) on a previous trip to Vienna. We can only describe it thus: a minute or two of initial regret (why did we choose a scrub over a massage?) followed by an overwhelming smell of rich chocolate as the scrub hit our legs and our nostrils got a whiff, followed by chocolate-sniffing euphoria for the next 55 minutes. The “chocolate body care” was a cross between a gentle massage and a really skilful all-over application of chocolate-scented body lotion. We went off into the night vowing never to shower again. Highly recommended.

Prices are expensive but not outrageous for a hotel of this caliber. A Symphony in Chocolate costs €220 ($298) for 110 minutes, while the 60-minute treatments are €140 ($190) each. Bonus: the spa carries its chocolate toiletries in the changing rooms, and if you ask nicely, they might let you swipe a couple of minis to take home.

Disclosure: Ed stayed at the Sacher as a guest of the hotel while on assignment for another publication, but the chocolate euphoria was all his own

[Photo: Hotel Sacher]

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