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Glamping For Mustang Fans (Not the Car) at the Mustang Monument Eco Ranch

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  Site Where: HC60 Box 300 [map], Wells, Nevada, United States, 89835
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Luxurious tipis/teepees like these should help you forget that the bathrooms are next door.

Here’s a summer glamping opportunity you can feel good about--a Wild West safari that contributes to the preservation of our nation's wild Mustangs. The Mustang Monument Eco-Resort and Preserve offers an up-close and personal experience of these beautiful wild animals along with some pretty cool accommodations to retire to.

This is a true wildlife sanctuary created by Madeleine Pickens--as in the former Mrs.T Boone Pickens-- who founded the Saving America's Mustangs Foundation. The Mustang Monument is spread across 900 square miles south of Wells, Nevada, where the views are pretty much the same in all directions. All desert, all the time. This is an all-inclusive luxury eco-resort offering two types of accommodations, the "Luxury Tipi" and the "Cottage."

The tipis/teepees look amazing and are also fairly spacious, at about 300 square feet, enveloped in translucent, recycled materials. The tipis feature hardwood floors, mix and match wood and leather furnishings, custom beds with poofy linens to keep you warm (no heat or A/C,) and Native American-inspired rugs, wall hangings and other accents. There is a separate bathroom facility next to the tipi area. Yeah, bathrobes are provided. The cottages are more conventionally appointed, featuring a large open floor plan with seating area, and both heating and air conditioning.

As this is a rugged natural environs, some extra amenities are provided such as a flashlight, a radio, emergency kits and bottled water. Sorry, no peace pipes. Dining is communal style in the base camp ranch.

Activities include all-day Mustang safari, hiking, archery and paintball, roping, Native American beading class, horseshoes, and a tipi dedicated to poker games. Clay shooting, off-road fun, and spa treatments are extra.

Here's a look around life on the preserve.

The tipis are made of recycled materials, designed by Travis Jackson, Jr, a Seminole Cherokee. .

Meals are served at the base camp. Picnics, cocktail receptions, or campfire snacks can also be arranged.

Luxury tipis don't get better than this, with funky, upscale applications of Native American patterns, colors and materials.

These nicely outfitted, rustic cottages are for those of us who must have en-suite bathrooms, as well as air conditioning.

We had to include this picture, as it really sums up what the Mustang Monument is all about.

Rates are $1,000/night for tipis, and $1,500 for the cottages, double occupancy, and include all meals,soft beverages and most activities. Kids by prior arrangement only.

[Photos: Mustang Monument]

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