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Kate Middleton Breaks the Dorchester Collection Boycott (As Do Wills and Harry)

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June 3, 2014 at 11:15 AM | by | ()

Hot on the heels of knickergate, Kate Middleton has moved onto her next controversy: breaking the Dorchester Collection boycott.

According to the ever reliable Daily Mail, she attended her cousin’s wedding at the The Dorchester Hotel itself in London last Friday.

Possibly aware of the controversy her visit might cause, or possibly to prevent any more wardrobe malfunctions, she arrived in a blacked out car, arrived and left via the back door, and took nine protection officers with her.

Meanwhile, Princes William and Harry hit up another Dorchester Collection venue at the weekend: Coworth Park, for a celeb charity polo event.

And while nobody would begrudge Kate wanting to attend a family wedding, or Wills/Harry for wanting to play polo for charity, the fact remains that their actions will have a wider impact. Of course, the Mail is talking about “embarrassment” for the royal family, and, of course, the Mail loves nothing better than making mountains out of molehills. But is this really a molehill? Because the royals are supposed to stay out of politics, and the acrimony around the Dorchester Collection is pretty political right now.

As a hotel insider told the Mail:

The wedding was a big boost for the hotel. It shows that the royals will not let the Brunei business keep them away.

Over to veteran gay rights campaigner, Peter Tatchell:

It is hugely disappointing that the ​​Duchess is still going to The Dorchester while so many other public figures are boycotting it. She’s sending the wrong signal. The Sultan will take comfort in the fact that Kate continues to give her de facto stamp of royal approval to his hotel and is not supporting the boycott.

He’ll also be pleased that the royal princes, William and Harry, played polo at another of his luxury hotels, Coworth Park, near Ascot. ​Many ​supporters of gay rights and human rights ​w​ill​ feel let down. ​

The royals could have taken a stand but ​they ​declined to do so.

Well, they weathered Pakigate, Sootygate and nakedgate. And, actually, this isn't too far off Kazakhgate. Let’s see how they do with this one.

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