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It Would Be Awesome If All City Hotels Would Do This

Where: Bangkok, Thailand
June 27, 2014 at 10:36 AM | by | ()

Back in January, we got in a cab in front of our hotel and took it across town. A few minutes after arriving at our destination, we realized that our phone was no longer in our pocket and had fallen out in the cab. What ensued next was about an hour of panic and scrambling, calling the cab company and trying to get in contact with the driver. Because we didn't have the cab number, we were completely out of luck, never able to get in touch with the driver to see if the phone was still there in the back seat.

It was an experience that happens to the best of us when traveling, and it was obviously not something to blame on anyone else. But this week, a simple gesture by a hotel helped to make sure it didn't happen again. We bunked up at the Shangri-La in Bangkok, and every time we hopped in a cab, the bellman handed us a little card with all our cab's information on it. Luckily, we never had to use it, but we thought it was a really solid move, and one that would be a lifesaver if we forgot something in a cab. It would have certainly helped us back in January.

This simple service by the hotel - which costs it not much more than a few seconds of time - goes a long way to help its guests avoid bad experiences. It would be nice to see more city hotels do something similar, especially in places like NYC where almost every guest is bound to take a taxi at some point during their stay.

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So needed this in Hong Kong

I lost my camera in a cab in Hong Kong and the Upper House did a valiant job of looking at their CCTV camera to see the cab # and license but it still took about an hour or more for them to look up the footage and see and then call the cab company to track down the driver. Alas, he said he didn't have my camera. If only we could have called him earlier. Still so bummed about that one.

Old Idea

The 'Taxi Docket' idea has been around since the late 80's, and many of the top end hotels have always used them.
It's a great service not only for lost properties, but also for any other taxi related issues such as bad service, fare queries etc.

Not for local though

It's an awesome idea, yes. But I believe most Shang Ri Las do this on daily basis.

It'd be terrific if all hotels adopt the idea.