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Welcome To The World's Most Expensive Restaurant At Hard Rock Ibiza

June 26, 2014 at 3:01 PM | by | ()

It’s proudly billing itself as the most expensive restaurant in the world, while opening in a time of global financial crisis.

Sublimotion, the restaurant at the new Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza, is clearly not the type of place you or I are going to frequent; and you and I are clearly not the kind of clientele it’s after. Having said that, we were all over the first reviews – which came out this week, following a preview dinner for 12 lucky journalists – like crows over freshly squeezed roadkill. Let’s see how the other half is going to live!

Apparently, you enter Sublimotion with a secret knock through an unmarked door on the street outside the hotel. That leads to a kind of cupboard, then to a lift, and from there to a “high-ceilinged, windowless oblong room – empty but for a single neon-lit communal table,” according to the Daily Telegraph.

The table and walls double as pieces of art with light installations and videos projected onto them throughout the 20 courses. The food (the journos tasted just six courses) is molecular gastronomy crossed with David Copperfield (Bloody Mary in a test tube that shakes itself, anyone? Solidified goops of olive oil pegged to a washing line? Dessert on a levitating plate?). Oh, and the servers are dressed as flight attendants.

To the verdicts. For the yeses, Sarah Gordon, from the Daily Mail:

Spend 10 minutes talking to Roncero and you will say yes. His passion and explanations about the food and how it is prepared are inspiring. He truly is Spain’s Heston Blumenthal.

For the nos, Teresa Machan from the Daily Telegraph, it’s a no:

If you have ever enjoyed a simple, rustic yet unforgettable meal anywhere that serves up the freshest, local ingredients with love you'll know the answer.

Do you have a spare €1500 ($2041) and want to try Sublimotion? Let us know how it is. Meanwhile, the rest of us can create our own sound and light shows by going to modern art galleries or waving light sabers around during dinner.

[Photo: Daily Mail]

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