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Santa Barbara's Second Kimpton Property Will Open This Summer in a Not-So-Ideal Location

June 25, 2014 at 1:19 PM | by | ()

The Canary Hotel will get some company later this summer when Santa Barbara County debuts its second Kimpton property in the form of The Goodland Hotel, set to open in July with 158 rooms and a self-described "Southern California Bohemia meets surf culture design.”

Kimpton’s vibe and localized approach to hotel decor is a good match for Santa Barbara’s laid-back scene, fitting in nicely between the small beachy inns (Hotel Milo) and the bigger, more luxurious hotels (Fess Parker). But one curious thing about the decision is the location of the property, as it will be located outside of downtown Santa Barbara in neighboring Goleta.

Now, there’s nothing “wrong” with Goleta (I used to live there, in fact), but it certainly isn’t a prime location as a tourist looking to experience Santa Barbara. You’re caught nearly ten miles outside the buzz of downtown in a much more residential and strip-mall oriented area, and most of the other hotels nearby are basic, catering to businessmen and parents of university students. Renting a car becomes almost imperative as you won’t be able to walk to any restaurants, bars, or beaches. The website describes the hotel as being "a rollerblade away" from downtown Santa Barbara, but that's unfortunately incredibly deceptive and, to be honest, simply a flat-out lie.

That all said and explained, the confusion runs deeper when you start to look into the features of the property. The amenities, which include a poolside adult ice-cream cart (think alcoholic push pops), mini–Mexican Coca Colas and Coronitas as welcome gifts, and a “record concierge” to help guests choose their in-room tunes, certainly don’t make it sound like a business hotel.

Given the contradiction between the design and the location, we’re definitely going to have to check out the property for ourselves on our next pass through town to see if and why it might be able to tempt tourists to rest their heads outside of downtown Santa Barbara. Or, perhaps Kimpton is simply going for the parental types – the one’s visiting their kids at UC – which would definitely be something to know before booking it as a vacationing tourist. Rates start at $225/night, so it’s not like the less-than-ideal location is getting you a super deal.

[Photo: Kimpton Hotels]

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